BAC for Assisting the Body in Preventing Cancer

Some micro-algae have very favorable nutritional profiles for preventing cancer and successful immune therapies. Spirulina, chlorella, and wild blue-green are all known to provide cellular protection because of the presence of exceptional amounts of beta carotene (provitamin A) and chlorophyll. Spirulina, the algae to emphasize in those with the greatest deficiency, stimulates immunity in the treatment of all degenerative diseases has been proven to increase killer T cells that combat cancer cells. Spirulina is rich in phycocyanin, a pigment with anti-cancer properties. Spirulina is also the highest plant source of gamma-linoleic acid (GLA), a fatty acid which strengthens immunity and inhibits excessive cell division.
– Healing With Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford

As you can see from the quote above, the anti-cancer properties of the algae contained in BAC are rather remarkable. Of the few key phytochemicals that have been identified in these micro-algae, their known anti-cancer properties are nothing less than astonishing. And yet this food probably works on many other levels to combat cancer, going far beyond the handful of phytochemicals that have been identified. Remember: BAC contains thousands of phytochemicals, and very few of those have been identified or clinically tested.

Overall, however, micro-algae have been subjected to a fair amount of anti-cancer testing. The results of those tests have earned spirulina a rather impressive reputation.

Hundreds of studies have shown it to exhibit truly miraculous anti-cancer effects. At risk of wearing out this metaphor, I have to say that if the pharmaceutical companies had a name-brand drug that demonstrated the same effects as plain spirulina, it would be heralded as a “cure for cancer” and would undoubtedly receive an endless parade of positive press on all the news networks. When it comes to cancer, imagine what BAC can do.

Bone marrow cancer

I was diagnosed with Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulineniea or cancer of the bone marrow. In February 2003, after receiving four treatments of antibodies and one blood transfusion, I took MGN3 for a while and my condition did not improve. In January of 2004 I started taking BAC F3 and after only one month, my hemoglobin went up ten points. I felt a new surge of energy and wellbeing I had not felt in years. By July 2004, my oncologist declared I was in remission. BAC was my miracle pill. It is indeed a fabulous cellular food! For you to have discovered this formula denotes a very loving, caring person, on the road to help mankind stay alive and well. God bless you and your family. Sincere and grateful thanks.

Cecile Jalbert, Montreal, Canada
February 2, 2006


Last month, I visited my oncologist for a control exam. He declared my blood “perfect”. Since January 2004, I have only used BAC in my regiment. Thank you Dr. Kiriac for your magnificnet research that has saved my life.

Cecile Jalbert, Montreal, Canada
July 26, 2006

I’m able to LIVE WELL with stage IV breast cancer

Bless you for The Magic! BAC is a major part of my health and wellness regimen, and one of the main reasons I’m able to LIVE WELL with stage IV cancer despite weekly chemotherapy. Many people tell me that I don’t look like a cancer patient… perhaps I’m part of a new wave of people who are changing the face of cancer! Be well,

Wendi P.
June 2007

Alertness and more energy

After only 3 radiation treatments post-op from cancer, I felt exhausted as expected. I tried to line dance after radiation treatment, which I was not able to do as I felt exhausted. I began BAC F2 for 3 days then increased my capsule intake on that Wednesday on your advice. I again tried to line dance after radiation treatment, and after 4 hours there is no exhaustion. Respiratory allergies almost disappeared,blood pressure going down and blood sugar easier to control. I noticed mental alertness during line dancing. Never felt so good. Sleeping well! I am sharing information with other cancer patients that I’ve met as well as other elderly (seniors) who are my line-dancing friends and family.

Nellie Ramsey, Albuquerque, New Mexico
May 2004