BAC for Nervous System Disorders

The phytonutrients and nutrients in Bio-Algae Concentrates are most useful for improving growth patterns in children, maintaining health in old age, healing injuries, and initiating growth, repair and regeneration where it has been stunted from disease or degeneration, including Alzheimer’s disease, sciatica, palsy, seizures, multiple sclerosis, nervousness, and other nerve disorders.

One of the most remarkable healing properties clinically recorded for Bio-Algae Concentrates is its ability to significantly increase the body’s capacity to repair nerve tissues throughout the body. People suffering from degenerative nerve disorders typically report positive results from using Bio-Algae Concentrates. This is because nutrients in Bio-Algae Concentrates so efficiently reach the cells of the brain master glands, which in turn activates innate healing ability to grow and repair nerve tissue.

It is unfortunate that more research is not available in this area, because I think this represents an exciting and promising area of nutritional research. If the phytochemicals found in these billion-year-old plants can actually help human beings repair nerve tissue, what extraordinary uses might they be put towards? Could they help people with spinal cord injuries? Could they help stroke victims? Could they actually prevent Alzheimer’s Disease in patients who are high risk?

Unfortunately, these questions have not been addressed by mainstream researchers and since nobody can patent Bio-Algae Concentrates, it is unlikely that any drug company is interested in sponsoring the necessary research to answer these questions. After all, consumers can buy algae anywhere and even grow them given significant effort. Drug companies have no way to control the market and, therefore, no way to profit from Bio-Algae Concentrates.

For now, the best evidence we can go on is anecdotal evidence and a growing number of case studies, which is actually quite substantial. BAC may hold tremendous promise in treating autism, ADD/HD and the mental disorders now ravaging modern society:

In the developed countries where nutrient starvation takes place as a result of excessive refined food, intoxicants, and a glut of animal products, micro-algae (such as those found in Bio-Algae Concentrates), used in conjunction with unrefined vegetable foods, are proving helpful in healing the many prevalent disorders of the nerves and brain.
– Healing With Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford