BAC for Proper pH Balance

Most Americans consume diets that are far too acidic. Nearly all refined foods – made with sugars, white flour, and other unwholesome ingredients – are acidic in nature. Soft drinks and most processed fruit drinks are especially acidic. These acidic foods, when routinely ingested, create a pH imbalance in the human body.

pH balance is critical for human health and the pH of your blood must be kept at a precise level (around 7.2 on the pH scale). Consuming highly acidic foods and beverages causes an imbalance in the pH of the body. The body responds by countering the acidity with behavioral and biochemical strategies that eliminate these excess acids. There is a cost to all this, however, as you will see below.

One such strategy for countering excess dietary acids is to increase respiration, since carbon dioxide is acidic and oxygen is alkaline. By breathing in more oxygen and exhaling more carbon dioxide, the body works to regulate its own pH. This is exactly why diabetics with high blood sugar frequently hyperventilate: their blood is too acidic and their bodies are simply trying to get back to the proper pH balance.

Another strategy pursued by the body is to pull alkaline minerals out of the bones, which are great stores of calcium and other alkaline minerals, and use those minerals to counter the acidic foods and beverages that have been consumed. This is why the consumption of soft drinks is well known to cause the depletion of minerals from the body’s bones, which can result in loss of bone mass density and the onset of osteoporosis. The more soft drinks you consume, the weaker your bones get.

Micro-algae offer a convenient solution to the pH problems of most diets. Bio-Algae Concentrates are alkaline, which means they counter acidic foods and help raise the pH level towards the alkaline side of the scale. This, in turn, promotes increased bone mass (since your body does not have to sacrifice calcium to balance its pH), and vastly improved metabolic functions. Consuming more alkaline foods has been strongly linked with improved immune system function, mental function, kidney function and higher levels of energy, among other important benefits.

High-protein / low-carb diets are also known to be highly acidic, since meat is squarely on the acidic scale. That is why some of the weight loss on a nutritionally poor low-carb diet actually results from loss of bone mass, not body fat! By replacing some meat with protein from spirulina, low-carb dieters can improve their overall pH balance while still getting their protein (and from a more nutritionally sound source, too).

Bio-Algae Concentrates can be used as a pH balancing food. Of course, your best results will come when you add this superfood to your diet and avoid consuming acidic foods and beverages like soft drinks.