BAC for Suppressing Appetite and Reducing Cravings

Bio-Algae Concentrates are known to satisfy many nutritional deficiencies. As soon as people start consuming them they start to notice a reduction in cravings for carbohydrates and sweets.

I have engaged in hundreds of hours of nutritional research over the years. Here is my educated guess at the factors at work here:

Magnesium content: These micro-algae contain high levels of magnesium and other minerals that are frequently deficient in modern diets. Magnesium deficiency is known to produce intense cravings, especially for chocolate sweets (which contain magnesium). By eating micro-algae, the body is supplied with magnesium, and so the cry of “feed me magnesium” is silenced.

Protein content: The protein content of these micro-algae (especially spirulina) provides for steady levels of blood sugar that counteract any tendency for a hypoglycemic response, which would of course induce severe cravings for sweets. In other words, the high quality protein in these superfoods blocks the hypoglycemic appetite response.

Fatty acid content: The healthy fatty acids found in these micro-algae promote steady blood sugar levels through their slow digestion as with any good fatty acid. GLA, for example, helps regulate the insulin response of the pancreas, and therefore eliminates the primary cause of sugar cravings even before they can occur!

Vitamins: Some part of the cravings experienced by people consuming a modern “Western” diet are due, I believe, to deficiencies in the B vitamins. Without adequate supplies of these vitamins in their natural form, the body’s hormonal signals get distorted, and the body orders the person to keep eating. What the body really craves, most likely, is adequate nutrition, not empty calories. Once this nutrition is supplied by the micro-algae, the body’s hunger signals quiet down.

If you begin to supplement with these micro-algae, the appetite suppressing effects of Bio-Algae Concentrates will take very little time to be noticed. You can sometimes expect to take Bio-Algae Concentrates for one day and suddenly notice a reduction of your cravings. Now that is not a permanent and stable situation. It is a taste for what is to come. It may take weeks or months for your body to adapt and adjust to your new nutritional habits. Hormonal changes, especially, take considerable time, since your body is probably in “the habit” of releasing excess insulin in response to the refined foods you have been consuming.

And this brings up another point: a few grams of Bio-Algae Concentrates cannot counteract hundreds of grams of white flour, corn syrup, soft drinks, cookies and bread. While micro-algae can certainly help, the fact is that you probably will not eliminate your intense carbohydrate cravings until you manage to remove those carbohydrates from your diet in the first place. Bio-Algae Concentrates will help you make that decision, but they cannot override a tidal wave of poor nutritional choices.