BAC – Nutritional Energy Medicine

In this brief discussion I will describe energies that affect humans and animals and/or are required from a physiological and metabolic health perspective. There are many more perspectives from which to explain energy that I will not address here, such as gravitational energy as in an apple falling and hydro energy as in water osmosis, a prevalent force in the human body. There are three fundamental nutritional energy types that I will discuss.

What are these three fundamental nutritional energy types?

1. EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies): Electrical as in a light bulb, magnetic as in a magnetic pole, light as in sunlight and radionic as in radiations from the Van Allen belt. Each of these EMF energy types greatly affects our human body and emotions. Without sunlight we would disappear swiftly. The moon causes the daily tide.

2. Heat: As in the fire burning at the core of the earth, as in wood burning and as in the energy generated in the mitochondrion of each cell of our body when carbohydrates and fats are transformed into ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) when they pass through the Krebs cycle.

3. Strength: As in the force that holds the atom (nucleus, proton, and electron) in place and that when harnessed can be mighty as in nuclear energy. As in the basic atomic energy found in the molecules of the minerals in our food which, when disassembled by digestion, are then assimilated and absorbed within our cells.

In the context of human health, we know that energies are either perceptibly or subtly important. For example, thousand of years ago, the Chinese explained “Chi” energy as a force centered at the navel and today we are just starting to figure out what they meant. For example, we know that a combination of the earth’s gravitational forces and other electro magnetic forces affect and converge at the navel in the human body, and do so optimally when the body is well balanced. We also know today that trace elements will be distributed in the human body not loosely without logic, but according to gravitational and electro magnetic forces and attractions so that a certain element may be found densely in the brain and sparsely in the liver.

BAC as nutritional energy medicine

“We are energy beings. We do not live off the foods that we eat, but from the energy that we derive from them.” Dr. Carey A Reams, Reams Ideal

ALL substances like food and light, including your friends and loved ones, carry frequencies and energies that will either raise or lower YOUR energy and frequency. Choose wisely.

Bio-Algae Concentrates are a new and extremely efficient form of natural micro-food that may contain over 5,000 nutrients. Their freshness and life-giving energy is maintained throughout growing, harvesting, freeze drying, blending, encapsulating, bottling, and transportation. We know this by testing its life force with energy machines and kinesiology tests. When photographed using Kirlian photography, Bio-Algae Concentrates in their powder form demonstrate a powerful jump between the central core powder and its band of radiating white light which then extends further in many rays of bright white light.

What makes BAC energy medicine?

1. EMF: BAC helps the body resonate at healthier frequency levels. The molecules in BAC resonate at frequencies ranging from 50 Hz to several hundred Hz. The human red blood cell resonates at an optimum frequency of ~62 Hz +. When cells vibrate at healthy frequencies, bacteria and microbes will leave them alone as they cannot survive these levels of vibration. For example, the coccidiosis parasite, which commonly affects chickens, is not likely to survive if chickens are given BAC in their diet. In humans, foods that vibrate below 40 Hz deprive people of energy instead of give them energy when consumed and are considered cancer causing foods. The molecules of a typical caged chicken boosted with antibiotics and fed growth hormones and the typical commercial diet will vibrate mostly below 40 Hz.

2. Heat: BAC “fires” your ordinary foods. The microalgae in BAC are among the greatest sources of stored sunlight power. BAC contains high quality carbohydrates and fats and importantly a large proportion of chlorophyll and magnesium (Mg) which are the keys to ATP (Adenosine-tri-phosphate). For any ATP transformation to take place during the Krebs cycle, the chlorophyll-magnesium pair is required. We derive the majority of our ATP energy from our food and a lesser portion from direct sunlight.

3. Strength: BAC contains over 114 minerals and trace minerals naturally chelated by the plant and bio-energetically available. Our digestive enzymes break down the nutrients of our food into a loose state from which they are then delivered to the liver for reassembly into human frequency. We derive a large portion of our atomic energy from the air we breathe and a lesser portion from the minerals and trace minerals in our foods (mostly fruits and vegetables).