Human Use – Cases

I could describe nutritional and physiological science in thousands of pages and hundreds of books. However, I would certainly not be the first to do so, as plenty of these books already exist.I also believe that reading these books would not help you understand how Bio-Algae Concentrates work as vividly as examples of real results obtained by real people as shared by themselves.As such, I will relate a few cases in which people using BAC experienced tremendous results and improvements in their health. They have willingly offered to share their stories in the hopes that someone else may read them and become inspired to get better as they have. In most cases, these people are still enjoying the benefits graciously shared in their own words below.In some instances, I have added comments or observations for clarification.

BAC and Epilepsy
BAC and Cerebral Vasculitis



BAC and Epilepsy ▲

In February of 2006, Brenda G., a 32-year-old woman from southern California, shared her experience using BAC as follows:

I have had no seizures in five months – I have suffered from epileptic seizures since I was a child. When taking medication I would get seizures 3 to 4 times per week. Without medication I could get them daily. With Bio-Algae Concentrates and without medication I have not had one seizure since the first day I started taking Bio-Algae Concentrates five months ago now. Because of my success I recently gave some Bio-Algae Concentrates to my cousin and he has not had a seizure in seven weeks.

Brenda has now been seizure-free for 10 months.

Just a year earlier, Brenda was frustrated with her condition and hopeless of ever finding a cure. However, she and her family had witnessed her dad’s successful recovery from pancreatic cancer using BAC as an alternative nutritional support. This motivated Brenda to try BAC. When she first shared her story, it had only been two months since she had started using BAC, and although she was seizure-free, I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical. Knowing about the powerful healing potential of our beliefs and the strong placebo effect of seeing her father doing well, I remained hopeful, but waited. However, after Brenda reported six months without seizures, I was elated for her and scientifically curious. I too, had thought that a cure for epilepsy was hopeless. As a teenager, I had a friend that suffered from frequent seizures, which left me sad and confused each time I witnessed them. Now I was intrigued to hear that BAC seemed to help epilepsy symptoms, and wanted to learn why.

Epilepsy and its causes

Epilepsy is a disorder characterized by spontaneous and recurrent seizures (convulsions). These seizures arise from abnormal electrical activity in the brain, which may be secondary to a brain abnormality or neurological disorder, or may not have a clear cause at all. Since epilepsy is not associated with any particular disease, it should not be understood as one disorder, but instead as a group of disorders for which recurrent seizures are the main symptom.

Normally, electrical activity in the brain occurs in an organized way. A nerve cell transmits a signal within the brain either by altering the concentration of salts with the cell or by releasing neurotransmitters. This allows for a smooth flow of electricity to pass between nerve cells. However, if this pattern gets disrupted by an improper concentration of salts or by the overactivity of neurotransmitters, it can trigger seizure activity.

Certain areas of the brain are more likely than others to be involved in seizure activity. The motor cortex, which is responsible for body movement, and the temporal lobes, including the hippocampus, which is involved in memory, are particularly sensitive to biochemical changes (e.g., decreased oxygen level, metabolic imbalances, infection) that provoke abnormal brain cell activity.

Common causes of epilepsy include:

  • Stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA)
  • Dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Infections, including brain abscess, meningitis, encephalitis, and AIDS
  • Brain problems that are present at birth (congenital brain defect)
  • Brain injury that occurs during or near birth
  • Metabolism disorders present at birth (such as phenylketonuria)
  • Brain tumor
  • Abnormal blood vessels in the brain
  • Other illness that damage or destroy brain tissue
  • Use of certain medications, including antidepressants, tramadol, cocaine, and amphetamines

Despite the above list, about 35% of all cases of epilepsy have no clearly definable cause. The Center for Diseases Control (CDC) reports 2.3 million Americans suffering from epilepsy.

How does BAC help with epilepsy?

In early 2005, returning from an annual visit to Chernobyl, Ukraine, the site of the 1986 nuclear explosion, Dr. Michael Kiriac, PhD and leading authority on Bio-Algae Concentrates shared with me some positive results of children using BAC. The repercussions of this nuclear disaster are still manifested in thousands of people of the region. For example, many children are affected with seizures and other symptoms of epilepsy. During his visit, he gave BAC to some local clinics and families of friends. When he returned to Canada a few weeks later he received several happy telephone calls and messages from doctors and parents. They were reporting a reduction in the frequency of seizures of children who had been taking BAC.

At the time, I was curious, but I left it at that. I knew a lot about the nutritional power of BAC for the brain. BAC contains hundreds of nutrients that are required for brain health and brain healing: the magnificent fatty acids omega 3, omega 6, omega 9 and mighty Gama Linoleic Acid (GLA), the critically beneficial B vitamins, folic acid and mighty vitamin A occurring as pro-vitamin A from the rich content of beta and alpha carotene in BAC. Some of these nutrients, like pro-vitamin A and other antioxidants such as astaxanthin and beta carotene, are proven to traverse brain barriers and even span across the cell’s membrane delivering nutrition, protection and energy. Based on this incredible array of nutrients, I knew that BAC resulted in ultimate brain and cellular nutrition.

But after hearing about Brenda’s results, I became interested and wanted specific answers. I asked Dr. Kiriac about the mechanisms of action between BAC and Brenda’s amazing results. As usual, his answer was simple and holistic. He said:

Roland, we don’t know much about brain diseases. We know there are billions of brain cells and synapses and on/off electrical connections and requirement for nutrients and resulting cellular energy, growth, protection and regeneration. We know there are parts of the brain that regulate rational thoughts and others that regulate basic motor controls. We know that certain areas of the brain are more likely than others to be involved in seizure activity.

In Nutrition 101, we learn that certain nutrients such as those contained in BAC affect the brain positively. In more advanced and holistic nutrition we now know that many more nutrients such as certain trace elements and phytonutrients are critical for healthy brain function. We know that BAC contains thousands of nutrients and many more than those currently recommended in the most advanced medical and nutritional sciences.

But more importantly, the greatest “value added” by BAC is its direct influence on the hypothalamus / pituitary relationship. This glandular cortex is responsible for all metabolic activities in our body. When this life-critical cortex is properly nourished and energized it holds the power to command the body metabolisms back to balance and health via a myriad of hormones and peptides. For example, one important metabolism is the nutrients to energy conversion (Krebbs cycle/ATP) for which the balance in salt/sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium is critical. This electrical and atomic energy generation occurs unceasingly in each mitochondria of every trillion cells of our body including those at the root of epileptic seizures”

We have since witnessed new success with BAC and epilepsy in children and adults of all ages. BAC is so easy to use; there are no known medical contraindications as it is a food!, it is non-toxic and it has no negative side effects.


BAC and HIV ▲

The August 2006 International AIDS Conference in Toronto, boasted of progress in the fight against AIDS, when really, the fight against AIDS, just like the fight against cancer are billion dollars sinkholes. At the time, the boasting motivated me to share an alternative solution, the “handful of dollars” story of Daniel and his successful “fight against HIV/AIDS”.

In February 2004, Dr. Nita D., MD, a Boulder Colorado physician and wholistic practitioner had shared with me the case of Daniel and suggested we followed his progress together. Daniel had been diagnosed HIV positive several years earlier and was seeing his condition worsening alarmingly. His regular MD was suggesting medications.  Instead, Daniel decided to look for an alternative solution and met Dr. Nita. Following her recommendations to use BAC and to change his eating habits, Daniel saw his viral load dropped significantly in a few weeks. Daniel agreed to send me copies of his lab reports . Let me show you a perspective of continued progress in his own words:

“I am HIV positive. I just got my latest lab work back and it’s great! My viral load is stable at about 10,000 (the nurse practitioner said she was very surprised at just how stable it is), and my T-cells are up! To over 400. That’s the highest they’ve been in over a year. If you will recall, exactly one year ago my viral load was at 139,000 and the T-cells barely over 250, prompting the docs to want to start me on meds. But then I started the BAC.

I am especially impressed with the numbers because since October, when I returned from Brazil, I’ve been dealing with some very difficult emotions like grief, sadness, and some depression. There has been a lot of stress as I’ve tried to find a job (still looking). Also, I haven’t been very strict nutritionally as that has been difficult as well. Given these factors, I’m so thrilled that my numbers are so good. It gives me new energy and motivation to eat right, and continue trying to make good lifestyle choices. But I think if it weren’t for the BAC, the picture would look very different right now. Thank you!”

– Daniel R.R., Colorado USA – February 2005.

UPDATE – February 2006
Daniel wrote again in February 2006 following a visit to his regular MD for lab work (his results showed a viral load of 17,000 and CD4 at 447):

“I just received my results from my regular MD. He says ‘Dan, numbers look good. Get the test done again in 3 months’.”

UPDATE – May 2006
Following another test, Daniel sent this note on May 5, 2006.

“My latest results show a drop in viral load to just over 5,000. My CD4s are stable at about 414. Interestingly, my numbers continue to look good despite huge amounts of stress at my work. Additionally, my relationship broke up 3 months ago which has also been very difficult emotionally and psychologically. But I continue to take the BAC and the numbers are either stable or have actually improved.”

What does all this mean for Daniel?

First, let us discuss what the test results mean. Viral load tests are reported as the number of HIV copies in a milliliter of blood. If the viral load measurement is high, it indicates that HIV is reproducing and that the disease will likely progress faster than if the viral load is low. A high viral load can be anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 copies and can range as high as one million or more. A low viral load is usually between 200 to 500 copies, depending on the type of test used. This result indicates that HIV is not actively reproducing and that the risk of disease progression is low. A viral load result that reads “undetectable” does not mean that you are cured. It may mean that the level of HIV virus in your blood is below the threshold needed for detection by this test.

Daniel has managed to reduce or stop the progression of his disease without any medication and its nasty side effects and with just a few capsules of BAC per day along with easy changes to his diet. As commented by Daniel, he is doing well even if he has not been “perfect” in his diet and has been under a lot of stress.

How does BAC help with HIV?

Let me set the record straight. A) It would be unfair to Daniel and to natural health to claim that BAC is a remedy for HIV. It would ignore Daniel’s “self healing power” and the power of “Let thy food be thy medicine”. It would remove Daniel’s responsibility to stop eating badly, to eat well, exercise, rest and sleep well. Applying these few simple disciplines alone will reduce his viral load. B) BAC is not a remedy for HIV nor for any specific disease such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, fibromyalgia, etc.

So how does BAC help more than broccoli and parsley?

BAC is pure food: the raw materials that the body needs for energy, growth, repair, protection and self healing from ALL diseases or conditions. Rather than re-explain BAC and the potential of its ingredients and mechanism of actions specific to HIV, let me remind you that the proper use of BAC will deliver via nutritional support similar health protection and healing results in all viral conditions like herpes, hepatitis A, B and C, West Nile virus, etc., and all of the thousands of “named” diseases for anyone consuming it.

On the other hand, I want to invite you to read the sections
“Phycocyanin in BAC Enhances the Immune System”, and
“BAC Awakens the Genius Within” so that you understand the relationship between BAC’s extraordinary nutritional power and efficiency and the body’s innate capacity to heal.


BAC and Cerebral Vasculitis ▲

In 2005, I was blessed with hearing first hand the extraordinary health recovery story of Janice K, who had been suffering from cerebral vasculitis, an inflammation of the blood vessel walls in the brain and sometimes the spinal cord. Janice called me and wrote to me frequently when she began using BAC. Within weeks of starting to use it, she was elated at some early positive changes that she was experiencing, and from there it got even better. Read her results in her own words next:

“Dear Dr. Thomas, I cannot thank you and Dr. Kiriac enough for making this fabulous product available to me. In May of 1995 I was diagnosed with Cerebral Vasculitis. It is a very rare and deadly disease in which the arteries in the brain become inflamed and weakened. Most doctors are not even aware that such a disease even exists. I was fortunate to have one who did know about this disease. However, my prognosis was very grim as my disease had progressed to a very dangerous state. After a Cerebral Angiogram confirmed my diagnosis in 1995, my doctor told my family I would be lucky to live 5 days.

After 7 years of total bed rest with severe headaches, nausea and vomiting, and 4 ½ years of Chemotherapy and massive doses of Prednisone; which gave me osteo-arthritis and other debilitating problems, I am still here. My blood pressure was through the roof at 250/150 most of the time during those years; even while being on 3 blood pressure medications. I did regain some ability to function; but never to the extent that I was able to enjoy my life and plan time with family and friends. The Lord was helping me through the long and very difficult days of suffering; but I still had a long way to go to ever get back to being my old self again.

In February of 2005, I began to have the same symptoms again and had an MRI of my head; to find the vasculitis was far more severe than it had ever been in the beginning in 1995. My doctor was very worried for me when I told him I was not going to go the route of chemo and Prednisone again and go through a living “hell” everyday. I had already started taking the BAC as a good daily supplement. I knew it was a terrific product; as I felt good in just a few days of taking it, not knowing I was getting very sick again. I called you and told you my problem and we set up a regimen of the algae and I started that; plus I have eaten nothing but all organic foods, including my eggs, flour, sugar, milk, spices, etc. There is nothing to eat in my house that is not totally organic. I was determined to keep my body as clean and pure as possible so as to allow this amazing product to have every chance to cleanse my body of every toxic chemical and waste product so it could heal itself with the help of the powerful nutrients in the algae. (As a Registered Nurse I know a bit about how the body functions and what it needs to repair and keep itself healthy.) I thank my Lord everyday for creating algae and causing Dr. Kiriac to persevere until he got the formula right. Then he instilled in you a desire to help with what He had provided that was helpful and not hurtful.

Believe me; I know how hurtful medications can be. I required 4 medications to treat my Vasculitis the first time around; but wound up taking 12 in the end. The extra 8 were to treat the side effects of the original medications or the debilitating diseases they caused; such as my osteo-arthritis.

After my diagnosis in February of 2005, I have felt really well after just a few days on the algae. After 3 weeks my blood pressure normalized and I was forced to go off my 3 blood pressure medications, because it would get too low and I would want to pass out. It has continued to be normal. My osteo-arthritic knees improved rapidly and the swelling and pain were non-existent within a month of taking BAC. My migraine headaches; which I have had for over 42 years are no more (I was taking 4 hypos a month for those awful headaches). Hallelujah! Don’t I love being free of those! Remember when I called and asked you if there was a natural anti-histamine for my cottonwood allergy this year? You said I had it in the algae. Guess what? No cottonwood allergy.

The greatest news of all—I’m alive!!! My MRI on 5/30/2005 shows no signs of active vasculitis. Just 3 months and 13 days after being handed a death sentence; with no chemo, no horrible Prednisone, and no side effects. What more could a girl ask for?

My doctor is having a very hard time believing it; even though he has seen me out of bed and looking very well this time around, and not running into his office to get a couple of IV’s every other week, because I couldn’t keep anything in my stomach, and would get dehydrated.

That was how it was for years last time around. I know this is awfully long; but I wanted you to know how absolutely miraculously the algae has worked to save my life this second time around, and I didn’t even feel sick. How much better does it get when you are supposed to die, and the cure is so simple and so easy to tolerate. Sorry if I sound like a commercial. I am a living commercial. I tell everyone I know. If they don’t take it, they are the world’s biggest fools, as far as I am concerned. I want my husband, children and grandchildren around for a very long time, so they will all be on algae very soon. My daughter is coming from Macedonia in a couple of weeks and I plan to send it back for her, my son-in-law and four grandchildren. Nothing is more precious than your health. We don’t realize that until we lose it. How sad is that?

Thank Dr. Kiriac for me next time you see him. May my Lord bless both of you richly in every area of your lives; but mostly may He give you peace, joy, happiness, and a great sense of satisfaction knowing you are helping sooo many people take back their lives, and a chance to smell the roses for years to come.

Most sincerely, Jan Khatibi, Sammamish, WA ”

Two years and 3 months later Jane writes this update. What can I add?

Dear Roland, I want to thank you for all the helpful information and support you have given me the past 2 years and 3 months since I was given a certain death sentence by my Dr.

I started the algae and saw results in just a few days. I was out of bed after 10 years of being bedridden with Cerebral Vasculitis. My blood pressure normalized in 2 weeks and hadn’t for all those years on 3 blood pressure meds. The massive doses of Prednisone had destroyed my stomach and my knees. Within the first month those problems were eliminated and have given me no trouble since. My Raynaud’s Disease in my fingertips and toes was gone in the first month. My migraine headaches, which I had had since I was 21 years old, disappeared sometime during the first month and a half. I am not sure just when as I was so busy celebrating the lack of all my horrible symptoms, I forgot to notice the absence of the migraines which had gotten very severe with the vasculitis. I am truly a walking miracle and my doctors have been amazed that my recovery has lasted.

I thank you for telling me to go all organic right away, as it certainly helped me detox fast and remain detoxed. I know it made a big difference in how fast and how well the algae worked for me. Being a nurse, I understood the importance of keeping the chemical toxins in our food chain out of my body then and forever. Thankfully, we have Whole Foods stores in my area and I can get everything organic.

I am living life to the fullest extent possible. I work out with weights and aerobic exercises and that amazes even me.

My prayer is that people will give the algae a chance to help them recover from an illness and remain healthy and strong. If they have no illness I pray they will recognize how blessed they are to be healthy and will take the algae to help them stay that way. My family members take it to stay well.

My 44 year old daughter was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease last summer (2006), and after talking with you, she increased her algae intake and within a month she was significantly better and now has no symptoms. My two granddaughters’ asthma is gone after taking the algae. They were on steroid inhalers and medications that were not good for them.

I have told my story and shared the algae with many people with varying diseases and I can honestly say they have all found an incredible amount of relief with the algae. They were all surprised there were no serious side effects. A couple of people got a little diarrhea, but it cleared up quickly. One is a two year old boy with very serious allergy problems and he has tolerated it well and is doing well.

You shared my original letter of my miraculous healing in your November
newsletter. I often forward that newsletter to people I have told about the algae.
Not only is my amazing story in there but the wonderful stories of many others who had received a miracle with the algae as well.

Sorry this got so long. I just want you to know how grateful I am for you, Dr. Kiriac, and God’s creation of algae.


– Jan Khatibi, June 2007, Washington State, USA