Animal Use – Testimonials and Cases

With feline leukemia…its like he came back alive

” My 12 years old cat suffering from feline leukemia was going down fast.  He was not able or not wanting to even feed itself. It was like he had lost the will to live.  I had been feeding him with a spoon the last few weeks.  Within a few days of feeding him the BIOPREPARATION, a few pinches per day, its like he came back alive.  He is now feeding himself and has some good energy, even though he likes to sleep a lot.  He isa fat cat and I am certain that does not help overall.”  – Linda B., California

Horse with chronic Lyme doing better

I discovered my newest horse has chronic Lyme (and Anaplasma at one point, though not an active infection at present).  And he was symptomatic, which is why I decided to run a bunch of tests on him, he just didn’t seem right.

While we were waiting for the confirmatory tests to come back and before we started the antibiotics, I started him on the BAC F2 and I swear that he was acting more alert and happier within a few days! It couldn’t have come at a better time!  And I will keep you posted on his recovery, in case it may help another client with horse(s) with Lyme and/or other tick-borne diseases.

I’m amazed at the results

My vet in Dallas put my old dog on BioPreparation F3+ and I’m amazed at the results for her. I see that you sell another F3 formulas for humans. I’d like to try it for myself.
Thanks, K., Dallas, USA

Chloe came back alive from fading away

On the first day using BAC, Chloe came back alive from fading away.  Four years later, she is completely healthy at 14.

Sam K., USA

Boxer dog liver mass is gone, and prostate regained normal size!

We want to share some good news about Oracle our 12-year-old Boxer dog. Five weeks ago, our veterinarian had diagnosed a 1-inch mass between the liver and kidneys, as prostatic hypertrophy with a small mass inside the prostate. Yesterday we went for an echograph, and miracle! The liver mass is completely gone, and the prostate has regained its normal size.  The small prostate mass remains visible but has shrunk in size. Oracle had another mass the size of a quail egg on her paw.  Today the mass is still present, but it’s the size of a bean. The many fatty masses that he had on the abdomen and armpits are significantly reduced and Oracle no longer licks and scratches himself in those areas.  Though Oracle had been eating a raw diet, it was not doing the job, while introducing BAC is doing it. With BAC in his diet, our dog has great vitality, acts and appears younger.  We intend to continue feeding BAC to Oracle for his entire life.

We offer you our heartfelt gratitude for helping us seeing Oracle healthy again.

Sylvia and Alain.




Another IMHA dog doing well


I received my first order very quickly. Thank you so much.

I’m excited to test some pets out on it. I had discovered your product when my friends 8yr old Rottie was diagnosed with IMHA. I ordered a bottle for her and she immediately started it.

The results have been what I feel are dramatic. Considering his age, etc. he bounced back faster, without transfusions than younger dogs I’ve seen go through this. This has been such a blessing and I’m excited to see what we can accomplish with the pets.

Thank you,


Debbie N.

One more happy animal story.

I must admit, I was a bit of a skeptic. I had accepted that my dog has a terminal illness and that there is no miracle cure. (Four years ago, I lost a dog to lymphoma 10 weeks following diagnosis).

Although my dog has been in remission since 12/21, she has had chronic allergies/itching skin causing sores that sometimes became infected. She has also had elevated liver enzymes and has been on Denamarin since January.

I decided to try F3 – figured can’t hurt; may help; she has been on 3 capsules/day for 3 weeks. Today was her follow-up appointment with the vet and I am happy to report that she has NO swollen lymph nodes; her skin is in the best condition in years and her CBC and blood chemistry levels were all normal except for her liver enzymes which are still elevated. Her ALT level today was 165 (we want it below 100 BUT it was 497 in May!)

The only thing I have done differently was to add the F3 to her diet. I truly believe BAC has made the different & tonight, I just ordered 180 capsules. Thank you for all your advice.

Nancy Warren

The product gave me two additional years with my dog Gerry

As you know, I’ve been committed to the product for such a long time now … since Diane first introduced it to me when my dog Gerry was suffering from liver cancer. The product gave us more than two additional years with him, and his quality of life improved so much. F3 became invaluable to me in my athletic undertakings, too, as you are familiar. I still can’t believe what it does for recovery after intense physical exertion.

Andrea L., (Fastest female runner in a state for her age group)

Saved from Ehrlichia Canis – BAC clearly saved her life!

Back four years ago, we had a nightmare case with my dog Samba. She was diagnosed with the chronic phase of Ehrlichia Canis. Her bone marrow was nearly to nothing, blood cells and platelets gone crazy. There was nothing but from three vets suggested to release her from her pain.  After only a week, giving her small doses
of BAC, she “awakened in within” and recovered in miracle time.  She received her first blood transfusion on Valentine’s Day and only 3 months later we moved from Buenos Aires to the Caribbean. A long flight and a lot of moving stress! However… she turns 16 next month and does remarkably well given her age! BAC clearly saved her life! Meanwhile, all my family and friends take it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!   –  Lela with Samba

From 3 seizures daily to one or two during the last few years!

I gave my Italian Greyhound BioPreparation F2,  I want to say for 6 or more years?  I gave it to her because like many Italian Greyhounds, she would have seizures.  I reduced her at 3 and she was on a raw diet from the get-go. When she passed, she was three months shy of 19 (!) and only had one or two seizures in time she was on BioPreparation.  She lived a full, healthy and happy life until the end. Thank you for a great product!  I’m convinced it is a huge part of her longevity and great health, especially with regard to her seizures.

With gratitude,  Pam Lacey

Drifting Away from IMHA to Completely Healthy!

Hi! Your products are amazing, life-saving actually! I’m convinced my dog was drifting away with IMHA and as soon as the expressed ordered algae we purchased from you arrived, we gave it to her and within 30 minutes our little Chloe lifted her head. Her hemoglobin was 3 and she was fading fast. After the 1st dose, we saw life come back to her eyes first. This was a little over 2 yrs. ago and fortunately she is completely healthy. In fact, she just ran back inside to get in from the rain!! So, we know your products are truly amazing. For Chloe, what can she take to keep her at her peak performance at the age of 12 now?

18 years old Sophie – no more kidney disease

Another girl cat I have named Sophie showed signs of kidney disease a year ago and so did energy work over the year and increased her BAC to just over 1/3 cap 2 or 3 times a day.  Just had her labs done again and the vet said she has never seen this before, where an older cats kidney stats got better over the year. Sophie is 18 years young.
Note: none of my cats have any health issues, no high BP, nothing.  Again, thank you for BAC.

constantinaHave a blessed day
Constantina, USA, May 2015

MRSA – From Euthanasia to life

Also wanted to tell you a couple of great stories.

I have a kitty who showed multiple urinary infections for almost year. The last was when she had a tooth extracted. A few months later she gradually lost the use of her hind legs. We took her to a specialist who performed an MRI and said she felt surgery was indicated as there was some compression to the nerves of the spine. We agreed but after 4 days at the vet without her raw food diet and her BAC F3+, Dolly went down hill and the vet called to say she cultured her urine and discovered she had MRSA of the urinary tract. Now it was all coming together. Seems she had MRSA for some time but because of good food and care she didn’t exhibit symptoms of illness. The vet then said her BUN was 130 diluted and the antibiotic for MRSA would shut down the kidneys completely, therefore suggesting euthanasia.

I said I would pick her up next day and treat her myself and at least have her home if she wasn’t going to make it. The next night I went to pick Dolly up. I kept her on fluids and began giving her BAC with raw food and baby food every 2 hours to equal 3 caps per day. Note: Dolly weighed under 6lbs at this time. I tested her urine every 3 days. 2 weeks later I took her to my regular vet and the MRSA was completely gone, no urinary infection at all.

It has been a year and Dolly’s has gained back her weight and although her back legs are still weak, she is able to walk quite well now with a hind quarter support or towel around her midsection. We recently had labs done and her kidney BUN is still 39. She is a happy lap cat girl and is now 19 yrs young.
Thank You for BAC.


Another girl I have named Sophie showed signs of kidney disease a year ago and so did energy work over the year and increased her BAC to just over 1/3 cap 2 or 3 x a day.  Just had her labs done again and the vet said she has never seen this before, where an older cats kidney stats got better over the year. Sophie is 18 years young.
Again, thank you for BAC.  Note: none of them have any health issues, no high BP, nothing.

constantinaHave a blessed day
Constantina, USA, May 2015

IMHA – BAC saved our dog’s life!

Hi, I just wanted to follow up with you on what is happening with Bentley. When I first spoke with you, we were in a severe state of desperation. He was dropping weight, had no strength and would not eat. The prednisone dosage was causing atrophy in all of his muscles. It’s been almost a full month since he started on the BAC F2+ and the difference in him is night and day. We are giving him two tablets/day and have reduced his prednisone dosage to once…/day.  We are also giving him 1/2 tablet of a blood strengthening supplement 2x/day.

He is eating regularly, he has way more energy and he is even sassing at his brothers again. The gums on his left are a full, bright pink again and the right side is steadily catching up to the left.  We have not taken him back to the Vet to do a blood test but when we do, I will be shocked if we do not see an increase in his hemolytic counts.  I don’t think they will ever be in the 30’s, but they do not need to be as long as he continues to show the progress he has.

I can honestly say that this product saved our dog’s life! Without it, we would have had a very sad holiday season. Thank you for guidance on the correct product for him. I just ordered another 3 bottle supply. —M.H.



Kipper was very very ill losing protein because of his inflamed colon. The vet gave up hope and said that was all they could do. Kipper is taking the BIOPREPARATION and is doing just fine at 11. His coat is that of a young puppy and it was thin and greying. I do give him Primal Defense powder when he eats as well. However, adding 2 BIOPREPARATION capsules a day is the best thing I have ever done for him. The vets could learn something about nutrition and forget the meds. He was dying 2 years ago. – Jeanne at Golden Apple Org






No more awful bird cage smell ( cockatiel parrots )

I have been enjoying the bio-algae concentrates (BAC) myself for over nine years, and so three months ago I started giving the BAC to my two cockatiel parrots.  Almost immediately I noticed that they started drinking almost double the amount of water and that they were eating only half of what they were eating before.  Yet they did appear more lively. Their droppings became smaller. The awful pet store cage smell has disappeared.


Thank you for this wonderful super food.

– Wayne Kellner, Greely, Colorado

Significant health benefits for dogs.

I and friends have used the animal version for our dogs and have found significant health benefits for them.

Joseph O., IL, USA 2014

My 12-yr old cat acts like a kitten

I have given BioPrep to my indoor cat since she was a baby, and she has never had to be seen by a vet. She is now 12 and acts like a kitten.

S.L., WA, USA 2014

Dog made complete recovery from IMHA …now we both take BAC too!

Well, our BioSuperfood story began from the incredible success of BioPreparation in saving our dog from autoimmune hemolytic anemia. His system was no longer creating red blood cells and was being kept alive by blood transfusions. However, the strong doses of prednisone and cyclosporine were not helping him overcome the disease. They were making him progressively sicker and weaker to the point that we were told by the vet there was nothing more they could do for him. Thankfully we came across your website and had ordered the F3 strength and gave him 7-8 a day and he slowly but surely got stronger and has made a complete recovery. In fact, he has so much energy now, we laugh at all the trouble he gets in. His recovery made me and my wife realize that the nutrition in the bio-algae would be very helpful to us. We began taking the BioSuperfood in Jan 2014 and we both made it through the winter with no colds or flus and we both have greater energy.

Sandy and Ted Mason Ontario Canada 2014

Cat recovered to full health

One of my cats, Angel, was not doing well, spitting up saliva, not eating and only drinking a little. So glad that I had the BAC F3 handy. She was listless, sleeping a lot with very little activity. She’s young at 3 years old.  I had a company come out & spray for bugs with marigold oil. Maybe she licked it or ate a bug with it on it. Angel wasn’t interested in food or water for 3-4 days, getting weaker. I tapped a small dose (1/4 capsule) of F3 in her mouth & squirted a few eyedroppers of algae water. I did this 2-3x/day for a week. She recovered back to full health, no longer listless. Thank goodness for the algae!  BAC F3 allowed her body to naturally heal. Glad I knew about & had the algae to avoid a vet bill and the possible loss of my cat! I got BAC F3 for my oldest cat at 18 who stayed active for 2 more yrs. She lived fully healthy to 20+!

Dawn Doucet, Brighton, CO, USA 2014

She’s staying on F3+ no matter what!

As mentioned above, our Pug, Rainy Day, began having trouble with her hind legs almost 2 years ago. The vet surmised that it may be a spinal tumor. It was getting to the point where we had to carry her up/down steps and her hind legs would completely give out. We put her on the BAC F3+ and in about 1 month we saw improvement. She was balancing better and was able to use the steps on her own. We had to stop giving it to her for a while (financial reasons) and the legs got worse. She’s now back on the F3+ and the legs are getting stronger. She’s STAYING on F3+ no matter what! We feel it’s keepng that tumor at bay and feeding her body what it needs to stay strong and healthy.

Ron H., PA, USA 2014

Case history

Baby Bear — 7 yr old, German Shepherd/Husky mix, diagnosed with mast cell cancer tumor in the foot. Standard protocol to remove the entire tumor plus a 3 cm perimeter was not followed to save Baby Bear’s foot. Conventional radiation or chemotherapy was not followed due to the ill side effects.

May 22, 2004 — two weeks after the surgery to remove most of the mast cell tumor. Standard protocol to remove entire tumor plus 3 cm perimeter was not followed to save Baby Bear’s foot. Started BAC at one pinch/day:





June 5, 2004 — after 15 days on BAC Formula F3+ May 22–May 28 = one pinch per day; May 29–June 5 = ½ capsule per day:





July 13, 2004 — eight and one-half weeks after starting on BAC baby Bear is now on one capsule F3+ per day:





July 31, 2004 — ten weeks after starting BAC F3+, July 14–July 21 = one capsule per day; July 22–July 31 = 1-½ capsule per day:





Baby Bear Adopted! We are happy to report that Baby Bear was adopted on September 23, after 6 months of rehabilitation by the Misha May Foundation, which offers training and rehabilitation for mixed-breed shelter dogs. He had a vet check on September 23 and was proclaimed very healthy with no sign of any recurrence of his tumor. He looks and feels marvelous.


Weak cells

Simon is doing GREAT on the BAC. [My vet] told me that he seems to have weak cells in his digestive track. They have difficulty absorbing nutrients and releasing waste. The BAC really feeds these cells and supports their healthy function. Cool, huh?

– K.S.M.

Cat with hypothyroid condition

We found out that Connie is hypothyroid, an unusual condition for cats, which accounts for her obesity. We are giving BAC to her and have seen her energy level and appetite improve. We started giving Connie the micro algae supplement in October 2002 and by January 2003, her thyroid values tested normal. Her weight has stayed the same, yet she is skinnier, showing that her fat is being replaced by muscle.

– M.A.L.

Dog with arthritis

Snowpea was supposed to have $2,000 surgery for hind legs/arthritis. We gave it 1 capsule of the BP F3+ per day, and in days he was doing better, more demonstration of flexibility, jumping on the bed and my lap, etc. Snowpea lived another two years pain free and died as a puppy and best, NO surgery.

– C.B., Denver, Colorado

BAC for an elderly cat

We gave this to our elderly cat that was dying of kidney disease and saw an amazing improvement after just a couple of days on it. She had more energy and was more like her “old” self.

– M.A.L.

Dog with lymphoma: Lymph nodes shrunk to normal within 2 weeks

My dog Harley was diagnosed with Lymphoma Sarcoma in February 2004. My naturopathic vet recommended your product, though he had not yet used it in his practice. I ordered F3 and started giving him 4-6 a day. His lymph nodes “disappeared” (shrunk to normal) within 2 weeks.

– Kim B, Seattle, Washington – June 2004

Bionic eggs

Dear Roland,

The chickens are starting to lay eggs now. They are about 22-25 weeks old (some are a few weeks older than the others). We have 3 breeds of hens (total of 5 hens). One breed is not laying yet, another traditionally lays smaller eggs, and the last is a Rhode island Red who ironically is the smallest hen, but is laying the largest eggs.\





I thought you would enjoy these photos. The Shells of all eggs that we collect are the thickest I have ever seen. The yolks are a beautiful sunrise orange. The photos show the egg from our smallest hen compared to the store bought “large” Nest Fresh eggs!!!! Wow!!!

One photo depicts that we could not close the egg carton on the same side of the “bionic” egg! If you look real close you can see the brown egg through the hole.





Our chickens are also free range and appear very healthy (plush feather coat, etc.). Furthermore, the eggs are delicious.





– James & Irma Pacheco, Sedelia, Colorado – October 2004

Editor’s Note: James has been feeding Bio-Algae Concentrates to these chickens since their birth. He has not used antibiotics nor any growth hormones.

Protein synthesis

cowOur somatic cells count has been under 100 for going on 30 days for the first time in my life! They are eating about 1.25 pounds less feed per day.  To put this in perspective, this is equivalent to almost two sixteen foot chopper boxes of feed a month.  This is truly unbelievable!

John Perrone, Third Generation Organic Dairy Farm Owner, Wisconsin – February 2005






Sammi – January 2005





Sammi – March 2005

Once started on the BAC, Sammi made rapid progress. Growth increased. I had to trim her weekly. As she had new growth, the sole of her hoof started to become more concave in front of the frog. On February 15, for the first time in over 18 months, Sammi GALLOPED up the driveway, on the stones, on her own! It brought tears to my eyes to see this lovely mare finally able to kick up her heels and run with the herd. 

Ashara M, Horse Owner, Washington – May 2005

Great cleansing

Hello Dr.Kiriac, I am a cat breeder and I wonder how much BAC to give my cats. I have been feeding them BAC for 10 days by placing one capsule per day for each of six feeders.

The cats have vomited, have lots of mucus discharge, diarrhea and loss of hair.

I have stopped and all came back to normal. Did I give them too much? Should I give then less periodically like half a capsule?

Dr. Kiriac responded that BAC can cause cleansing of the intestines and the lungs. He suggested that I give them each one half capsule per day.

After a few weeks, all is well, the cats have a superb coat and have stopped losing hair.

Thank you Dr. Kiriac.

Nicole Gourde, Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, Canada – September 2005

I was told to put my dog out

I was told to put my dog out, that it had a few weeks to live. With natural food, bottled water and the BAC F3+ capsules, my giant Schnauzer had 10 additional months of confortable and happy life. Thank you for all your help.

– Thor B., Virginia

The Lyne and Alain Forget Dairy Farm

The Lyne and Alain Forget Dairy Farm

Lyne and Alain Forget have a large dairy farm in Laval, Quebec. Their farm produces some of the highest quality milk in Canada. They accepted to trial BAC on their farm in January, 2006. This trial is an ongoing preliminary step towards a formal presentation to the Canadian Agricultural agency.

Read next the summary of results of the last six months as reported by Alain Forget. Updates will be presented as they become available.

For six months now, The Alain Forget Dairy Farm of Laval has been participating in a research project consisting of administering a special blend of algae to the dairy cows. Find here a synopsis of the farm’s results after 6 months trial.

We have a farm averaging 40kg of Butter Fat per day. We keep our cows free range and feed them the Total Mix Ration (TMR). The 20 cows involved in the trials are pure breed Holstein. Their average production before the start of the trial was 10,039kg of milk per cow with a Breed Class Average (BCA) of 226 M, 219 Fat, 223 Proteins and somatic cells count (SCC) averaging 84,000 for the previous 12 months.

After six months of trial with BAC their productivity averages have shifted to 10,565kg of milk per cow with a BCA of 248 M, 242 Fat, 236 Proteins and a somatic cells count averaging 70,000 for the six months period.

In summary the milk quality and improvement numbers are :

Production Milk Fat Protein SCC
Pre-trial 10,039kg 226 219 223 84,000
Post Trial 10,565kg 248 242 236 70,000
Differences +526kg +22 +23 +13 -14,000
Improvement 10.5% 10.8% 11.5% 10.6% 8.33%


We have also noted signs of better health of the herd and a better emptying of the udder from milking. Previously with these cows in the trial and currently with the cows not involved in the trial, the udder will remain somewhat hard after milking while on the cows using BAC the udder is nice and soft.

These results represent only six months of trial feeding BAC to the cows. I have learned that there is never smoke without fire. I believe that the use of BAC increases the health of the cow’s udder, its total health and the health of the herd.

Lyne and Alain Forget

Owners, Lyne and Alain Forget Dairy Farm

Quebec, Canada

Chula says, “order me another bottle!”

Hello all,

This week I was especially impressed with BAC and the way it saved my dog’s life.

My wife has a white 6 year old, standard poodle, who has Thrombocytopenia, a blood platelet disorder, and when her platelet count goes too far down, we can’t stop the bleeding.

The Veterinarians don’t have any answer except for that dreaded Prednisone, so she’s been on Prednisone for over 5 years. Each time we try to reduce her medication, she goes into a critical stage, and we have to increase it again.

Of course, Prednisone has a lot of side effects. In her, she’s put on over twice her weight, which puts a tremendous strain on her heart and other organs, not to mention the hips.

Two days ago, Chula, our Poodle, was unable to eat or drink, she would just lay still, not raising her head. Her eyes had that cloudy, listless look, and we were seriously thinking of putting her out of her misery.

When poodles are in severe discomfort, they tend to be very still and quiet. We really thought it was time. Her heart just couldn’t take all the stress.

Needless to say, both of us were extremely sad, especially my wife, who loves that dog like crazy.

I had ordered a bottle of micro algae supplements, for Chula, but was not very diligent about giving it to her. I decided to give her one and see if it had any effect.

Within an hour of giving Chula her first capsule, she started drinking a little. By the second one, a few hours later, she was moving around and ate a small meal. We gave her another before bed and by the next morning, we had our old dog back again!

Chula says, “order me another bottle!

We certainly won’t forget to give her the bio-super-foods any more!

Richard Zapata, LMT
SCENAR & Soft Laser Practitioner

BAC and Chronic Renal Failure (CRF)

It was nearly 17 years ago when I brought home 3 adorable Himalayan kittens: Rocky, Kasey, and Chanda. Rocky and Kasey littermates and Chanda had the same father. For their entire lives I gave them the best care I knew of — following the advice of a respected, well-established veterinarian clinic, I gave them the highest quality food touted on the market like Iams and Hills Science Diet and lots of TLC!


This past summer I learned the other side of pet ownership. In August 2006, we learned Rocky had intestinal cancer and within 4 weeks he was gone. One week later, I took Kasey in for a senior screening and learned he was in the advanced stages of Chronic Renal Failure (CRF). [Sigh] Kasey did great, however, and for 4 months we enjoyed some of the best times of his life! He really was mostly “normal” clinically right up until the day before his death on Dec 25th. Amazing!


Among the wealth of information I gleaned from Little Big Cat (visit at, two areas were paramount. The importance of canned or wet food over dry food and a specific algae blend called Bio-Algae Concentrates (BAC) for whole food supplementation (visit at I encourage you to read through the information on the above websites but here is the short version of these two important points:

1. The importance of canned or wet food (or even raw) over dry food: Cats are by nature arid (dry climate) animals and thus are designed by their Creator to obtain the majority of their moisture from the foods they eat (i.e. birds, mice, rats, etc.). Do the math; give your cats dry food and you are compounding the dehydration factor which can lead to numerous health issues including but not limited to CRF.

2. Bio-algae Concentrates: I don’t sell the stuff so you can put your guard down right away as this is not an attempt to sell you anything. From what I have learned, cats, being obligate carnivores, do not have the ability to break down the cell walls of plants thus it is probably a waste of time to give them fruits & veggies.

Chanda today: despite having been diagnosed nearly 6 months ago as being in the very early stages of CRF, her numbers/kidney values are stable, her blood pressure is normal, eyes are clear, and clinically she literally has as much energy and spirit as her earlier years, once again playing with her toys and running through the house. She has such a soft and shiny coat that everyone who meets her, whether a veterinarian, vet tech, stranger or friend remarks about her soft coat! They simply cannot believe she is nearly 17 yrs old!

Please realize I am not suggesting that switching to canned food or adding BAC are “miracle” cures and I am not a veterinarian. I am simply letting you know what my experience has been, in the hopes you will get the same or similar results with your pet! I know Chanda will not be with me forever; I may have weeks, months, a year or at most several years given the average life of a cat is 15-16 years but I want however much time she has to be as enjoyable and healthy as possible. Whether the above is adding years to her life, I do not know but I do know it is adding life to her years!

Kent and Chanda

His fur really is growing *that* quickly. I’m amazed.

Hello Roland, … I’ll cut right to the point here! My cat has been given everything at different points in time for his health and maintaining his urinary tract health / urine pH etc. and nothing has worked, and BAC is the ONLY new product he’s had, I have to credit the BAC for this improvement.

For a year and a half now since he came down with the urinary blockage / FLUTD, he’s had bare patches on his arms (I thought originally that it was just slow to grow back where they shaved his arms for IV’s!) and also lost a patch of fur near his right hip; and a couple teeny patches on the back of his rear feet / hocks. Well for the past 2 weeks I have given him the tiniest sprinkle of BAC powder from a capsule into his raw food meals – I’ll estimate about every other day and not more often than that ! and his fur is swiftly filling in the bare patch on his side and the area inside his arms.

Even now, I am having a hard time believing his fur is growing this quickly from the BAC and I am trying to convince myself there’s a combination of things going on because he’s been on parasite remedies, increased taurine for just slightly longer – maybe 3 to 4 weeks. But when I think more on this, say for example just the day before yesterday I was examining that bare patch on his side and saying “Is it my imagination or is this really filling in! I think it’s filling in!” While today I’m even more in shock that I can barely tell where there was fur loss. So truly his fur really is growing *that* quickly. I’m amazed. And, I had not even thought to look at his arms until two nights ago. I tried to look and I thought they looked like they were growing fur but he was trying to eat 😉 and I gave up trying to lift his arms. So I just looked now and you wouldn’t know up until recently that he appeared to have shaved inner front legs. He’s got probably most of his fur back on his arms. I’m truly amazed.

A side note – my most finicky dog actually likes the BAC powder, as evidence last night I was watching her eat and she actually licked the residual off the plate after finishing her chicken (raw). She has avoided every other nutritional product she’s ever had, so that is truly encouraging.

I’m glad you are promoting this super nutritional product – it’s fantastic. I did read the booklet sent along with the bottle about its development and am so grateful for Dr. Kiriac’s perseverance throughout the development process. And finally, I so very much thank and appreciate Lita at P4H for her constant studies and research which led her to your informative website on BAC, and for sharing her links with me when she finds wonderful products.

Warmest regards,

– Laura Gordon,

Cat with kidney failure, bladder infections and a cancerous growth

I give BAC to my cat who is 16. She was diagnosed with kidney failure, has recurring bladder infections with unknown cause, and has a cancerous growth on her leg. I was told to feed her Science Diet KD and it was KILLING her. Her hair started falling out and she was declining rapidly. I changed her to a grain free diet and included BAC in her diet. Now she has had no signs of bladder infection, she is more energetic and the cancer has stopped growing. I love this stuff! Thanks.

– Anonymous

BAC helped calm my dog down

A homeopath recommended BAC for my dog that had a personality change after receiving a vaccination. She became reactive – barking and growling at some dogs and people. BAC has helped calm her down and therefore makes it much easier to walk her and take her places! In addition, because BAC contains thousands of nutrients and antioxidants, I am more comfortable that she is getting the nutrients that her body needs for the best health possible.

– Anonymous

I cannot tell you how many animals I have seen improve their health on the BAC products

As an Animal Wellness Consultant I cannot tell you how many animals I have seen improve their health on the BAC products. Time and again with issues ranging from Immune Mediated Anemia to cloudy eyes, to digestion issues to tumors and allergies, the animals get healthier. I have watched coats change within a week, arthritic animals move with greater ease, older animals perk up and a renewed vitality emerge.

– Alecia Evans, Animal Wellness Consultant

Dog with skin allergies: Skin is clearing up

One of my clients has a dog who has skin allergies they have been trying to clear up for seven years. She is giving the dog 3/4 capsule of BAC every day and within one month the skin is clearing up.

– Larry E. USA – March 2007

Dog with lymphoma – The tumor had completely gone away

My 3.5 year old Sheltie, Riley was diagnosed with lymphoma. He is taking chemotherapy but is on F3 formula 1/2 capsule 6 times per day. He went into remission with his second chemo, and the tumor had completely gone away. He has only had one bad reaction to the chemo and has plenty of energy and is leading a full life.

– Anonymous

Cat with lymphoma: From only a few weeks to live to feeling well for the next year

I was told my cat had only a few weeks to live by her regular vet. I went to Dr Lemmon, a naturopathic vet and he prescribed your product. He told me he also took it himself. I gave it to my cat mixed with chicken broth 3 times a day and she was so much better. I believe it kept her alive and feeling well for the next year. She eventually was overtaken by her lymphoma but I am grateful for the time she got feeling well after beginning your product.

– Anonymous

Dog with bone marrow necrosis: Blood count is now normal

My 10 year old American Eskimo dog, Russell, collapsed suddenly this summer. We took him to the vet and his blood levels were critically low. He received an emergency blood transfusion and went to a specialty hospital for a bone marrow biopsy. The results showed bone marrow necrosis. Our vet advised we put Russell down. An internet search for “bone marrow regeneration” led me to a website that sold BAC. We have used the product faithfully and Russell’s blood count is now normal.

– Anonymous


I have to share my good news with you!!

Kinga my elderly Rhodesian Ridgeback (12 years old) has had a problem for the past few years with very loose stools and *very* stinky gas. I figured he was getting old, so his digestion wasn’t as efficient as when he was younger. He is raw fed, so I know he’s getting good quality food and nutrition. Someone suggested that I give him digestive enzymes. That didn’t help. Then it was suggested that I give him probiotics. That didn’t help either.

So I started giving him Bio-Algae Concentrates two months ago. There were no other changes to his diet; he doesn’t get any supplements. The other day I realized that he doesn’t have loose stools anymore!


But wait there is more! He recently had an abscessed tooth and was taking antibiotics for it. The vet said the antibiotics usually don’t work so he told me what they usually do is extract the tooth. Since Kinga is 12 yrs old, I did *not* want him to undergo surgery! So I started giving him an increased number of capsules per day. Voila!

The abscess was gone in less than 2 weeks 🙂

**Yup, it’s definitely worth $25 a bottle. 🙂

– Gail C., Kinga, and Kizzy

Dog with bone marrow cancer: Back to normal and full of life

Do you recall me ordering the Bio-algae concentrates from you last Sept/Oct? It was for our dog, Charlie Brown, who was diagnosed with a rare form of terminal bone marrow cancer. The doctors said there was no hope for him; he was only hours away from dying at the time. Well, we gave him one of these pills as a last ditch effort (he could not drink or eat or even raise his head at this point), and over the next few days, he started to improve little by little. We didn’t expect anything at all, but it is now 8 months later and he is 100% back to normal and full of life!! The vets could not believe it and took a sample of the Bio-algae concentrates for analyses to see what may be in them, but they couldn’t find anything specific. They simply see it as a miraculous recovery that can’t be explained.

  • Lisa X, Texas, USA

Dog with IMHA (Immune-mediated hemolytic anemia): Improved blood test results

I am very pleased to post that after a hematocrit reading of 22 on Monday August 13th, prior to giving her BAC but providing an interim option of algae supplements, and then graduating her to BAC on August 17th, that today August 24th, her hematocrit was at 38! I am now slowly weaning her off of the steroid because her current symptoms emanate from the steroid and nothing else. Vastly increased appetite, thirst, need to pee, and a marked reduction in her muscle mass… all in the span of about 3 weeks.

– Judy – August 2012

Dog with IMHA (Immune-mediated hemolytic anemia): We have no doubts that BAC saved her life

2008 is the year our Rainbow, our beloved Beagle, was diagnosed with IMHA…..her blood counts were down to 7 at one point. We had BAC overnighted to us and today, more than 4 years later, Rainbow is still with us and doing fine, just an older dog now. We have no doubts that BAC saved her life. We did choose to never have any more immunizations for Rainbow, not sure that was a cause or not, but preferred not to chance it… You and your friends have our prayers for a good outcome.

– Sandy and Steve Howard – October 2012

Dog with a bladder tumor: The vet could not believe the dog was still alive

My nephew, David, went to the vet with his dog and the vet could not believe the dog was still alive. He passed an examination and could not find the large tumor in the bladder. He was dumbfounded when David told him he had saved his dog with seaweed. The vet had no choice but to believe it, because the evidence was right there. Davidíson Riley, who was with him, only 9 years old remarked to the vet that if he had continued to care for their dog, it would have been a year and a half that he would have been dead. David had a good laugh but Riley is absolutely right. This little boy will be marked forever as they not only saved his dog with BAC, but he also does not need to take Ritalin anymore since he is taking some BAC too, and he is in perfect shape. I am so happy that everything ends well, he is my nephew and I love him so much, he is like a son to me.

– Marie-Andree, Montreal – March 2012