Effects of Consuming BAC

When consuming BAC results and reactions are normal and different for each person. Adjust accordingly. People who take the course of natural healing through dietary and other lifestyle changes like exercise, may experience, what is labeled a “HERXHEIMER RESPONSE”, “detoxification reaction or healing crisis”. These experiences can be regrouped as follows: energizing, detoxifying, fortifying, immunizing, protective, restorative and regenerative. Within these groups, the list of symptoms of changes is long and unique to each user. A few examples are: energies, blood sugar, blood counts, assimilation and absorption, better elimination : urines, stools, bowel movements, physical strength and stamina, lactic acid threshold, endurance, oxygen conversion, reduction or stoppage of tremors and seizures, reduction of pains, quicker recovery from injury and injury prevention, pH levels, polarity, frequency, alertness, mood, focus, clarity, emotions, intellect, appetite, skin, nails and hair, sport performance, muscle gain and kept, weight loss or gain, hormone levels, shrinking of tumors, of the prostate, near sight and night sight, reduction of pressure and degeneration of the eyes, normalizes inflammation, breakdown of calcification and plaque, normalization of cholesterols, quenches free radicals, anti-bacterial, anti-tumorigenic, anti-fungal, restores intestinal linings, cardiovascular strength, increased libido, fertility, and more.

The results can be perceived sometime as positive and other time as negative. As per the discussion in “Healing Crisis” below, when the results appear as negative it can usually be managed by reducing the quantity of capsules until the situation remedies itself, usually within a few days. Note that drinking the recommended amount of water will often alleviate the negative symptoms. In order to achieve good health the natural way, a healing crisis may occur. A healing crisis is the result of the whole body acting in unison to eliminate the toxins that have accumulated in the body over the years. These toxins may be from previous toxic substances and medicine taken to “end” a cold or flu, or to stop an infection, rash, etc. Today, health practitioners agree that using a drug to stop an illness only “masks” the symptoms, pushing the problem inside the body, only to manifest itself years later as cancer and other health problems. The healing crisis symptoms can often appear identical to those of the disease that the body is eliminating.

A cleansing reaction may indicate that the body is readily absorbing and responding to the vital nutrients. This Healing Crisis usually comes in the form of changes at the skin, high and/or low energy, headaches, pains, constipation or its opposite, colds, flu’s, and many more. Some people take this as a sign that the products they are taking or the life style change they are now following is causing them harm, and they quit this new path they have chosen. Other people understand that when you follow a natural healing path and they come down with flu’s and colds, that it may actually be part of the healing crisis, the elimination of toxins from the body.

An average person on a natural healing path usually develops a healing crisis within three months, and rarely some crises can be more severe than other. These crises usually manifest themselves in the reverse order in which they initially affected the person. People often feel the best they have felt in a long time just before the healing crisis occurs and right after. The human body is governed by the law of nature. What we feed ourselves determines our well-being. We are what we eat. The choice is ours. If we eat good healthy foods, we live good healthy lives, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The crisis will usually be only as severe as the body can handle. During the height of the crisis, a person should minimize the intake of food, if not completely ceasing the intake of food. It is possible to go on a short fast to alleviate a healing crisis and speed recovery. A crisis usually lasts for one to three days for a person with average health; it may last longer for people with low energy levels. Water and fresh squeezed vegetable juices are the best things to consume during a healing crisis. People should not stop the intake of water, as water helps carry in nutrients and carry out toxins.

It generally takes at least 90 days for any permanent change in the body to take effect. This includes changing personal habits, quitting smoking, dieting to lose weight, benefiting from natural supplements, and other. Some people notice dramatic changes the first week of taking BSF, while others notice gradual changes over several months. Healthy people may notice subtle positive changes such as more energy, better concentration capabilities, and improved digestion. Some notice a general feeling of wellness, while others have not gotten sick. Athletes report improved performance and faster recovery. Some people notice that they are in need of less medication. Keep a health diary for 90 days and see for yourself if you can boast any improvements.