“Every great advance in natural knowledge has involved the absolute rejection of authority.” – Thomas H. Huxley

The extraordinary nutrients in Bio-Algae Concentrates efficiently nourish your cells. These well-nourished cells transform your health and your improved health will transform your life.

Hello, My name is Roland Thomas and I am the author of “The Magic is BAC”. In this free online eBook, I present you with the latest information about Bio-Algae Concentrates (BAC), the culmination in cellular nutrition. This knowledge will change your beliefs about algae, food, and wellness. This online eBook builds on the previous book that I wrote about the research and development of Bio-Algae Concentrates available in print at this link:

Awakening the Genius Within

I highly recommend that you read this previous book. It relates the fifteen years of advanced research on Bio-Algae Concentrates led by Dr. Michael Kiriac and sponsored by the Academy of Sciences of the former Soviet Russia. It depicts the life and times of Dr. Kiriac in Russia and since. You will see clips of the research center, the bioreactors, Dr. Kiriac, the “Man of the Year”, and much more. A summary of the book is now available in a 21-minute DVD movie.

I am also the author of BioNews, the Quantum Leap Wellness monthly eNewsletter which presents wellness alternatives that can help people making themselves healthier, disease-free, feel better and even lose weight without exposing themselves to dangerous diets or supplements.

This eBook is constantly “in progress” as the way I share the science evolves over time. I welcome your input and criticism regarding the content at any time during this process. If you have a suggestion, please let me know. In addition, case studies and testimonials are included as people share teir story with me. If you have a story that you think can help someone else get well, please send it and I will evaluate it for inclusion.

This book would not be possible if it were not for the research done by Michael Kiriac, PhD. This book shares with you the knowledge that he gained during his many years of research and field experience. As with Awakening the Genius Within, this eBook is written with his guidance and advice.

There are many diseases and conditions: Cancers, high blood pressure, obesity, Fibromyalgia, CFS, IBS, etc. Most people and their doctors / practitioners revert to one or many remedies (medications, supplements, herbs, energy medicine, etc.) to treat these diseases and conditions. Usually, these remedies are aimed at alleviating or controlling the symptom(s) and not the cause. For example, with high blood pressure and diabetes, when medicine is quickly prescribed while the dietary or lifestyle root causes of the condition are often not fully addressed. I call this fighting the battle and losing the war.

In this new book you will get a glimpse of the gap between the conventional medical system and the differing alternatives of “Let thy food be thy medicine.” I will introduce you to the common sense concepts of “one disease, one medicine,” and “food as fuel.” The information you will acquire in these next pages will empower you with greater control over your health so that you may begin winning the war, not just the battle.