The Cost of BAC

With these sorts of dosages, the monthly cost of taking Bio-Algae Concentrates can be a bit steep, or at least it appears to be at first. But I would like to challenge that belief system: what is the cost of getting cancer? What is the cost of getting a major disease? What is the cost of having low energy, clinical depression, or a degenerative nerve disease?

An entire month’s supply of BAC is less than a single day’s stay at a hospital. That makes BAC the bargain of a lifetime in my book. In my opinion, any substance that can extend my life, prevent me from having to go to the doctor’s and keep me away from prescription drugs is a real bargain, no matter what the cost.

And remember to subtract the cost of all those other vitamins and supplements that you will not have to take anymore when you take BAC. I factor in the simplicity of taking only one whole food supplement instead of several isolated supplements. I myself used to take twenty-three supplements before switching to BAC, and you can imagine how much it cost to continue that lifestyle.

The trick, of course, is to look at the total cost of your actions. The cost of smoking cigarettes is far more than what a person pays for the cigarettes. It also includes a loss of lifespan, sky-high medical bills and a lifetime of suffering from the damaging health effects of cigarettes.

The cost of BAC, on the other hand, is only a few dollars a week. In exchange, a person experiences greater health, greater mental clarity, longer lifespan, prevention of a long list of diseases and in many cases, even the reversal of major diseases. You cannot put a price on these benefits, but if you could I have no doubt that they would greatly outweigh the few dollars spent on BAC.

Eating this superfood is an investment, not an expense. Spend a few dollars today, invest it in your own good health, and the payoff will last you a lifetime. Or at least for as long as you keep eating this superfood. Which takes me to the next section…

Taking Bio-Algae Concentrates For Life

Do not make the common mistake of thinking, “I’ll just take BAC until I get over this cancer,” or, “I’ll just take it for three months to get better and then I’ll stop.” BAC is a superfood that should be regularly consumed as part of your lifelong diet. Plan on taking it at every meal for the rest of your life. That is exactly what I do, and I have every intention to continue doing it for as long as I live.

I cannot imagine a day without Bio-Algae Concentrates. In five years I have used it every day except for a few times when I did not take it as an experiment. On those days, I felt less energy, I was less focused and I was sluggish for most of the day.

Here is something to consider: If BAC helps you conquer a major disease such as cancer, you should never stop taking it just because the symptoms are no longer obvious. With all diseases, but especially cancer, you are not out of the woods just because the tumors or other symptoms have disappeared. Cancer is a systemic disease, and unless you continue to give your body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, that cancer could very easily return. It is poor dietary habits that cause cancer in many people. If they return to those old habits, it is only reasonable to assume their cancer will return.

The bottom line: Put Bio-Algae Concentrates at the top of your priorities list. Make a budget for it. You have got a house payment, perhaps, and a car payment, insurance payment and a grocery budget. Add Bio-Algae Concentrates to the top of this list and make it a part of your budget. Decide that you are going to be healthier from now on, and to achieve that you need to get this food into your diet. In the long run, you will probably save a fortune on prescription drugs and medical costs anyway, which makes Bio-Algae Concentrates essentially free.