Why I Want to Write About BAC

Besides promoting and educating people about Bio-Algae Concentrates (BAC), I also use BAC daily as a complement to my diet, or I should say that I “eat” BAC since it is a whole food!

So am I a full-fledged medical scientist? No, I have a bachelor’s degree in science and a doctorate in naturopathy, and a doctorate in advanced nutrition. However, I have studied food and diets dating back to when I used to eat my grandmother’s vegetable soups at home. I have studied the macrobiotics of the 60’s, vegan and Ayurvedic diets, and I have even studied with a few Indian vegetarian masters. I have consciously lived and researched natural health in one way or another since I was 16 years old when I was introduced to yoga and vegetarianism, and then to natural foods and vitamins by my sister who worked in a health-food store back in 1968. For the last 14 years, I have been blessed to study with a real field researcher and scientist, Dr. Michael Kiriac, who holds a PhD in cellular nutrition and who is likely the leading authority on BAC and algae technologies and its use for human and animal health. I also, like all of us, have common sense and a long personal and professional life experience that has helped me to understand the subject.

I am also the editor of BioNews, a health eNewsletter covering a wide variety of health topics. I have read and studied hundreds of books on health and nutrition, and invested thousands of hours in researching the links between food and health, and I will continue to do so for as long as I live.

I started consuming BAC in late 2000.  Surprisingly, this would soon help me overcome the health issues that I had been plagued with for years, including 45 extra pounds, chronic back problems, serious middle age fatigue and energy issues, mild bipolar and depression tendencies, colds and flues, pre-hypoglycemia and chronic acidity.   And a most extraordinary outcome was the elimination 23 different supplements that I had been taking since 1980.  You see, in wanting to learn and prove to myself the benefits of consuming BAC, I had decided to stop taking the 23 supplements.  It worked out so well for me, that I have continued not taking any since 2000.  What a relief!

I have since lost 40 pounds of weight, ran my first and several more marathons, and gradually evolved to a diet of healthier organic and natural foods. For the record, in the last 14 years, I have not had more than two cold or flu episodes that lasted more then a few hours. As a matter of fact, I would say that I have no more colds or flues, period. I have not missed one hour of work or fun due to being sick or even tired.

In the first year, I could not believe my rapid wellness progress.   I had doubts about whether it was for real, and the thought of placebo effect often came to my mind. Now 14 years later, there is absolutely 100% no doubt.

I live a very active and high-stress life. I do not eat perfectly, I make food mistakes, and as an entrepreneur and business owner, I often over work and stress my mind and body. And it is a blessing that I have discovered BAC and been able to use it as a sort of shield in my self defense against pollutants that I breathe, drink and consume or that I am subjected to. I use BAC to increase my daily essential vitamins, proteins, minerals and other important nutrients. I consume BAC for its great nutritional bonuses, rare phytonutrients and trace elements that are otherwise impossible to obtain in our daily diets. I use BAC to elevate and sustain my energy and my mood. I use BAC in helping my body in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, lost of sugar and pH levels, and of many other potential glandular imbalances. I use BAC to protect me from cancer and Alzheimer’s. And the best part is that BAC is a whole food. I love BAC because it also respect one of my most profound beliefs, “Let thy food be thy medicine.”

I am a very skeptical individual. When I first found out about BAC, I was elated to have found a solution to so many problems in one bottle. But soon after, my usual skeptical brain kicked in with disbelief and questions. This led me to pry and investigate BAC from countless angles and perspectives for the next six years. Even better, I have been quizzed with those same questions and some much tougher from many of my clients and friends. I am grateful for these as they have forced me to get the answers and to learn even more about The Magic of BAC.

I have compared BAC, and continue to do so daily, with the leading “hot” and “popular” supplements. I have researched their ingredients one at a time, their nutritional value, their bio-availability, and much more, and after six years and hundreds of hours, I have found nothing that comes anywhere close to BAC. In the next pages, I hope to convey the rationale and the information that led me to this conclusion.

I do not try to hide that I am biased about BAC. I promote it to all those who want to hear, and it is actually the only supplement that I have promoted for the last six years. You certainly won’t find me pitching any isolated vitamins or minerals. Most of the information on these pages is based on the knowledge that I have gained from interviews and mentoring with Dr. Michael Kiriac, PhD, and the reading of hundreds of publicly available articles, web pages, and several books on the subject. It is also based on my own successful personal experience, that of my direct clients and the clients of other health professionals working with BAC.

OK, let’s take a look at BAC. One of the first things that people usually ask me about BAC is, “What is it made of anyway?”.