Dog perkey makes it up the stairs with no help!

Biopreparation has been a miracle pill for our dog. He couldn’t walk up stairs and had a hard time walking at all, but now he makes it up the stairs with no help, is perky when we take him on walks, and is more alert and happy than he’s been in the last two years. We are SO grateful for Biopreparation++++!!!

Dog about to die recovers from lympangectascia with return of his youthfull coat

Dear Roland,

Hello, I am Jeanne, one of your distributors in SC.  I have been wanting to tell you about Kipper, my 10 year old Yorkie.  Kipper was quite ill with a disease, lympangectascia, for the last 4 years.  His vet told me there was nothing else to do, the meds had quit working.

Last Septemclipperthedogber, I began giving him the Primal Defense, a probiotic formualtion and that was the answer the entire time.  He responded to the Primal powder really nice.  He started doing well.

I started giving him bio superfood 2 months ago.  His coat was a silver color and thinning with age.  I am happy to tell you that Kipper looks younger than ever.  His coat is turning dark on top.  He used to have dark hair on top.  Evidently, the bioage is returning him to youth.   I would spend the rest of my life telling other pet owners about the miracle bioage product.  I am amazed at his health these days.  I will help you get the word out for sure.

I too am taking 6 to 8 a day.  I feel great too!, Thanks, Jeanne M St Clair

A no-brainer

Even though I considered the Garden of Life whole food multiple supplement that I replaced with BAC to be a superb product, I still noticed improvement with BAC. Given how incredibly comprehensive, balanced, and bio-available it is, I don’t know how anyone who reads all the material about BAC could not see it as a great find and a no-brainer.             Dusty Dalton, Texas

My family has seen wonderful results

“I discovered BioSuperfood in October 2012 at the World Congress with Iquim University on Oahu. I was a bit hesitant because there are so many claims on the market boasting what different supplements can do. My family has seen wonderful results with this product.

My daughter who I have been working with using energetic medicine with Quantum Biofeedback started taking this product and I was amazed at the positive results that she experienced. Her energy increased. Her mood swings disappeared and she was able to integrate into the family with a lot more ease and grace. She has been suffering from the effects of a brain trauma and this product is wonderful for her and is increasing her healing capabilities.

I also have another daughter who has had huge toxicity problems and auto-immune issues ever since she was a little girl. The rash on her legs cleared up immediately which she has been dealing with for 5 years. Her quality of life and her mood has also increased.

My husband and I have so much more energy and have a brighter outlook on life. You really have to experience this wonderful product. We have eliminated all other vitamins and supplements from our diet. We have tried many other kinds of sea vegetables and spirulina but BioSuperfood micro algae is totally different. The only way you will know is to experience it for yourself.”

🙂 fan from Hawaii

– February 2013

My arthritis pain has diminished dramatically

I have been on BAC for 2 weeks. I have been taking capsules spread out throughout the day. My arthritis pain, which I have had for 25 years has diminished dramatically. A rash which has been driving me crazy is going away. My digestive system has also improved. I also have my wife and daughter taking BAC. Thanks for a great product.

– Marc – June 2011

Test results of her white blood cells were fine

We spoke on the phone a couple of times about my niece who is 20 with the large nodule on her thyroid gland. She is up to three pills going on four now. She started last May. She did get up to six in August. During the process she has had the runs, upset stomach and fevers so she had reduced to 2 per day. Lately as we began increasing again the capsules, because she felt ill she was concerned and went to the emergency room and the test results of her white blood cells were fine. He told her it was like her body didn’t know she was sick. She started increasing the pills again in October and November.

But here are the extraordinary results for her nodule change in size:
Results from ultrasound August 2009 thyroid nodule size 9X11X11
Results from ultrasound August 2010 thyroid nodule size 6X4X4

Her Endocrinologist said she had never seen such a change without using medication. Thank you for your help.

– Sheryl – November 2010

My dad is starting to snatch 2 capsules when he needs a boost

My Dad is starting to snatch 2 capsules at a time when he needs a boost – and his helper says “no more after 3:00 or you become ‘antsy’ “! Camille loves them after listening to your website audio. She takes them at night to help with repair…and I love them because I know they are cleaning up my brain! Thank you for the time you have invested in teaching/talking with me and others. Bob in Boise continues to be in remission from leukemia – he takes 8 + halves capsules a day – and eats well, and also uses homeopathy, etc…

– Christine – October 2010

Vision, cholesterol and blood sugar

Great Product. I am speechless. I also went to my eye doctor last month who gave me weaker lenses, because my vision has improved so much. In addition, my overall cholesterol level moved from 127 to 99 in six months. Can you believe it? My blood sugar A1C is stabilized now at 5.5 after reaching a 7.00 level two years ago. When you take the BAC with green vegetables and juice and with low, low carbs, you will see more positive effects. I have more energy now. That is true. Thanks to the inventor. God bless you. It is so good! Thanks!

– Frantzy – September 2010

A real catalyst for our bodies to heal properly

I love this stuff and as a side note my husband is off his blood pressure meds and his pressure is way down- even more than on the medication, without all the nasty side effects! I feel like a testimonial. My friend is taking it and she loves it and has every hope that maybe she won’t need the liver transplant. I keep praying for her, but this algae is an answer to prayer, too. This stuff is a miracle- a real catalyst for our bodies to heal properly. I look at all the sick and suffering patients and wish I could give this to everyone.

– Diaura – February 2010

Clarity of mind

I received the package today and my wife and I started taking the capsules this morning. I also took each formula just after lunch. So far I have noticed a remarkable increase in concentration, focus, and mental state. I would describe it as a clarity of mind. I am looking forward to taking the product and seeing what happens.

– Dr. A.P., DC, USA – October 2009

Me and my family are stronger with BAC

Me and my family are stronger with BAC and are embracing life with open hearts.

One of our 64 year old clients taking BAC here asked me to inform you that for the past 2 years her immune system has been up, sleeping very well, stabilized blood pressure too.

Another parent here gives her 6 year old daughter BAC F2 because she notices improvement in the slight spine curvature.

– Dexter, Philippines – July 2009

Energy and digestion

We have been taking the Bio-Age capsules now for over a week. I find already that my energy level has increased and when I eat any food that is hard to digest and I take one of these afterwards then the symptoms decrease.

– Ruth, Canada – June 2009

Just 2 per day has made me content

Today was my first day, and already a noticed difference. Didn’t feel a need for that 10AM coffee, or that nap after late lunch, or that 5PM coffee. And that was just 2 capsules!


Just 2 per day has made me content and thrilled to have discovered your product. Thank you.

– Dusty – March 2009

I am feeling better subtly from my head to my toes

I have been taking Bio-Algae Concentrates for about 9 months now. I started taking it 9 times a day and alternating the two products. Then I went to the one, and have been taking that every day. I have noticed many changes in my body since taking this supplement.

My digestion is better, my mood is more stable, I’ve lost some weight, and I am feeling better subtly from my head to my toes. I’ve also changed my diet eliminating gradually the fats and processed sugars and am eating more raw vegetables and fruits instead. My progress is slower than it could be because I am only taking two capsules daily. I found that when trying to take more than that, with my busy life, I would forget. Then the capsules would be irregularly put into my body, sometimes more than others, and this seemed not to sit well. So now I take two in the morning, and am adding two at lunch and two at dinner now that I have quit one job and moved into another. This said, I am impressed at how many subtle changes have occurred while just taking two capsules daily.

Thank you for this wonderful food.

– Jaquith – August 2008

More energy and feeling calm after 7 days on BAC

I’ve only been on the BAC for 7 days. I have got more energy, feel less tired, calmer feeling and I am able to remember my dreams. My mother was dizzy and I gave her 1 pill, 15 minutes later, she was feeling much better. I am telling everybody I contact about it.

– Tommy Lee – April 2007

I have never been so impressed with a product.

I am a 67 year old woman. After breaking my leg last year, and undergoing 2 surgeries, I was always tired, and could not bounce back. My thinking was cloudy, and I had to take a nap every day. After 2 or 3 days of taking this product, I realized that I could work all day and not feel tired, and that my thinking was clear. I have been taking supplements for 40 years, and can honestly say: I have never been so impressed with a product. I plan to take this for the rest of my life. I think everyone should take it. The next bottle I buy will be the # 3 formula. Wow!

– Pierrette Garneau – October 2012

Carbon monoxide poisoning: My doctor has no explanations

I had multiple CO poisonings more than 10 years ago and my physical and mental health has been a brutal struggle since. One doctor after another had no answers or could even confirm or deny that poisoning was the cause.

I had HORRID HORRID reactions to medications for depression, anxiety, panic, numbness in hands and feet and the list goes on and on and on. And I had none of these problems before I was poisoned. Although I am by no means old (now in my early 40’s), the last few years my health has continued to decline. Perhaps it’s aging (as my doctor said 1st) but my symptoms have been like that of someone in their late 80’s or 90’s. Extreme physical weakness, extreme fatigue, loss of coordination/muscle control, numbness, massive brain fog, getting lost in the middle of doing things, dyslexia, and way more. I was then diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

I started taking BAC six months ago and began seeing improvements to my health within 2 weeks. Things continued to improve: numbness went down, muscle control went up, brain fog went down. Then at about month 4, after feeling good for a while, I got strangely sick for about a week. Not a cold or flu but felt like my body was getting rid of something on a deep deep level. I’ve never experienced anything like it before. And then I moved and noticed my body was suddenly flexible in a way it had not been since I was a teenager. It felt like my cells had shed their crusty skin in the same way a snake sheds its skin.

And I have been noticeably physically stronger since that point. Muscle tone has changed and become much more solid. I can now walk up and down stairs without the anxiety I had because I was so weak. Dyslexia is gone except for late at night if I let myself get too tired – but that too is becoming less and less.

I have never seen anything like this and I have tried a lot of different supplements and treatments. Nothing has worked like this has. It has given me a new body, a new brain and a new life (and my doctor has no explanation for how this turn around could have happened!)

– James, USA – July 2012

Results for the whole family

Skin not NEARLY as dry. Some sun spots (I have hundreds!) are fading. No need for the anti-depressant I was on. Bowels are continuing to improve. Total Cholesterol down 28 points after taking F3 for only 3 months. My husband has also seen results. Skin not so dry. Psoriasis is improving. Sleep, greatly improved. He had a stroke on Aug. 6th, so it has been very difficult to measure his improvements since the stroke knocked him down so low. As a result of the stroke, the Dr. had put him on a Statin drug. He decided to stop taking that since he has the F3 working in his system. Must mention my dog. No more red mange: rather, she has soft skin and a gorgeous coat of fur after being on F2.

– M.M., USA – February 2012

Emotional stability: This is a miracle food!

My wonderful girlfriend suffers(ed) from terrible anxiety attacks following a lifelong history of emotional abuse by her father. She would become enraged and hostile over the smallest of things. This product is amazing! We began taking your F3 formula and within 8 hours of the first capsule her emotional state began to stabilize. Over the next week we had not one argument! Her emotional state has become warm and cuddly. She even said “I don’t know what has come over me. This is not like me to want so much affection.” She is self-limiting her alcohol intake and cutting down from chain smoking. This is a miracle food! Thank you so much for doing what love, therapy, and emotional support could not do for this fine woman and for our relationship. P.S. The animals love it too.

– An anonymous product review for F3 – January 2012

Eczema: No more scratching!

My 4 year old son has had eczema since he was a baby. He always had stubborn patches of it on his legs and was constantly scratching them. When he was two, I started giving him small amounts of BAC (first the F2 formula and then the F3) mixed up with some applesauce. Over the course of a few weeks, I noticed that his eczema was completely gone. I thought it might be the BAC that was working, so I stopped giving it to him for a while and the eczema came right back. Then I went back to giving him the BAC and the eczema went away again.

Fast forward to a few months ago and my son had a large, deep stubborn patch of eczema on his leg. I had stopped buying the BAC because I thought it was too expensive and I still wasn’t convinced that it had been responsible for getting rid of the eczema. I thought maybe he just outgrew the condition. I was treating the eczema with steroid cream prescribed by his doctor, but the cream was having no effect at all. I took my son to the doctor and the doctor said that there was now irreversible scar tissue in the eczema and he prescribed a different steroid ointment. I filled the prescription, but didn’t use it. I thought I’d give the BAC one more try, so I ordered a small bottle of the F3 formula.

When it arrived, I started giving my son one capsule of F3 — opened up and mixed in with some applesauce — per day. After two days, there was a noticeable difference and after three days the eczema was gone! That patch of eczema had been on his leg for months, but after a week on the F3 I couldn’t even find where the eczema had been. There was no scar tissue whatsoever. And the rest of my son’s skin felt smooth and silky like a newborn baby’s.

No more scratching!

– Carol Coates, Boulder, Colorado – September 2008

Weight gain after pregnancy: I am healthy again

I had 15 lbs. to lose after giving birth. I tried everything to lose them without success. I was often tired, I could not get a good night sleep, I was sad that I could not lose this extra weight. I exercised 3 to 5 times a week without change.

After being introduced to BAC F1 and F2, I managed to not only lose 10 of the 15 lbs., but my energy, my sleep are now as good as before I got pregnant, and my confidence is back again!

I am now certain that I will lose all the extra weight. I intend to have a second child. THANK YOU A THOUSAND TIMES TO BAC F1 and F2. I am healthy again and I am proud of it. I tell my family and friends about my excellent results and now they are also using BAC.

Claire, Montreal, Canada – December 2007

Symptoms of autism: BAC is truly a miracle food

My son, aged 6, is not yet speaking. Doctors think he is on autism spectrum based on the autistic-like characteristics he presents. He had 10 single words by 18 months and then he made no gains at all in his speech. His other delays include difficulty in sensory modulation and regulation, both fine and gross motor delays, and lacking age-appropriate play and social skills. He is a very friendly child and loves to socialize but does not know how, until I started him on BAC.

He has been on F3 since December 2011 and in that short span of time his school staff and I have both seen some startling positive changes. He is making a lot of sounds and vocalizing throughout the day. He is more aware of his surroundings; he is initiating more interaction with his peers and staff; he has become very good in using his communication book with at least 30 pictures on a single page; his responses to directives and commands have become quicker; his comprehension has improved dramatically and can follow 2-3 step directions; he is very eager to learn new things and learns fast. Anytime he catches a cold it would turn into a lung infection in a matter of days, but now he had a cold and it did not affect his lungs and he was able to fight the cold; he would startle at least 3-4 times daily at the time of going into deeper sleep but not anymore. Not since he started bio-algae.

Overall, there is a big change in his personality and his socialization skills are also improving. He has gained weight and height and last May when he had his routine blood work he showed signs of thyroid problem. This April when he had his blood work done again his thyroid levels were within normal range. BAC is truly a miracle food and I am looking forward to seeing more improvements.

C.R., California – August 2012

Bowel lump: BAC has got him eating and gaining weight again

My Dad had a lump in his bowel that was making him starve to the point of significant mental diminishment. He had it removed recently but was still ill and gaunt with no appetite and little energy. BAC has got him eating and gaining weight again. He’s even back into swimming. I know that his progress is attributable to starting to take your BAC! Thank you for making this possible. He and we are stoked!

Pahl – August 2012

Rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus: Your blood work is too perfect!

At the suggestion of my Holistic Physician, I began a course of BAC Formulas 2 and 3 in mid-February, 2009. I had been diagnosed with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis in 2004, and refused traditional treatment until I was no longer able to care for myself. At this time I consulted with a specialist and was placed on a regime of oral methotrexate and a monthly chemical infusion (Orencia).

In May of 2009, I told the rheumatologist I was seeing that I had taken myself off the methotrexate (which I had done when I began taking the BAC products). After examining my improved lab reports, the doctor suggested we drop the monthly infusion of chemicals. If my condition deteriorated, we could always restart the treatment. During our most recent appointment in May, 2009, the rheumatologist said he could no longer find any RA. Your blood work is perfect–too perfect, he continued, the RA seems to have gone into remission.

– Deborah Reed-Downing, USA – 2009

ADD: Able to focus the entire day

I wanted to let you know I was able to help my cousin who has ADD using bio-algae concentrates. She is 22 years old and for the first day she took half a capsule of f2. She was able to focus the entire day at work and did not get upset when a very stressful situation arose. She was also able to carry on a conversation without stuttering after her long work day. Thanks again for all your help.

– Melanie Miller Moralez, USA – 2010

Macular degeneration: Much improvement

My sister-in-law, Glendia B. that you helped to get on a program for her macular degeneration, has had much improvement. Thank you so much.

– Marietta P., USA – December 2010

Massive difference in my breathing

Also to let you know that I have noticed a massive difference in my breathing since I have been taking F3. I seem to be breathing more deeply without it feeling or sounding labored and I have a lot more energy. I actually feel like exercising more readily now. It really was a struggle to motivate myself to exercise.

– Bridgid, USA – November 2010

Thyroid cancer: 6.5 years cancer free

I’m so glad I found you so many years ago! I am now 6.5 years cancer free without the radiation follow up they wanted me to undergo… and as you promised, I have just had my Thyroid meds cut in 1/2 AGAIN….. (at least, the active T3 Portion of my compounded Thyroid). Perhaps the day will come when I no longer require the meds at all…. I await the day. (Smiles)

Wishing you all the best the world has to offer, naturally!

– Annie Cunningham, Founder & CEO Dead Sea Warehouse, Inc., USA – November 2010

My energy is coming back

Roland my energy is coming back; I am so excited about it. I have been able to start running again and today I did 3 miles again, non-stop and I talked with my friend all the way! And I felt I could have gone on further. So Roland bless you and I will continue sharing these with my friends. I feel so lucky to have found you.

– Georgie, UK – October 2010

Energy, mental acuity and performance

As you know I take BAC F3 daily. I just re-ordered the aloe as it made a significant difference in my energy, mental acuity and performance. When I combined the aloe it was like an immediate eye opener to me. Both cleanse the blood and enable me to be who I am (RED WINE, entertaining, music, art, and lots of food)… I know personally that the combination is electric.

– Tom, Illinois – October 2010

My lower back is better

My lower back is better (about 40% less pain & stiffness). The most surprising thing is that I started feeling better when I was taking only 3 capsules a day. Also, I stopped feeling sluggish in early afternoons because of my long standing heart bradycardia. Heartburns are much less bothersome now, better urination during days & nights, better sex performance. Life is beautiful… I share my personal experience with many people around. Hopefully, they don’t think I am getting senile. My best regards to Michael.

– Norman, M.D. (66 years old) Pennsylvania – September 2010

Menopausal symptoms: We don’t ever want to run out of our BAC

The following are the improvements I have experienced with BAC F3 formula.

The ability to reason has significantly improved, I can think much more clearly and handle stressful situations much better than before. I am more “resilient” emotionally. My energy level has improved and I am able to stay up later in the evening while still being mentally alert, I feel I have a calmer nervous system with a better more relaxed attitude. I use to feel uptight, irritable, impatient and tense – remarkably these symptoms have for the most part gone away. My hair has improved by 50%, full healthy texture not seen since pre-menopause (I LOVE THIS) also my skin has improved 30%, a younger looking glow … I still use some of my expensive skin care products, but this improvement is not due to these products that I was using prior to the BAC, a woman knows this!

As you know I am 48 years old and have been suffering from menopausal symptoms since early 2007, at the advice of my well intentioned girlfriends I requested ( Hormone Replacement Therapy) from my Doctor. Now, being aware of the dangers of taking HRT, I have been looking for a way to gradually get off of them. For the first 2 months of taking BAC F3 8-9 capsules a day, I started decreasing my HRT to every other day with no noticeable problems what so ever. At the beginning of the 3rd month I decreased to taking the HRT every 3rd day, for the first 7 to 10 days it was a little rough going however, after that once again I am doing very well with this schedule.

These are amazing results for a product review of only 3 months; I can hardly wait to see what future benefits lay ahead. Also, Mom has her own great results to share with you like increased energy level and remembering things better than before …… We both don’t ever want to run out of our BAC.

Much gratitude,

– Kathleen Conti, USA – June 2010

Energy and revitalization

I believe that the path to Wellness is firstly a journey within. Eating disorders, depression, Lyme; Olympians too have healing to do… Swimming in the vast sea of remedies, foods, and supplements available to us today can be very confusing. I’ve not found anything yet to bring me as much energy and revitalization as BAC.

I feel blessed to have come across Dr. Kiriac’s formula to help give my brain and body the food that it needs!

– Catherine Garceau, Olympic Medalist, Sydney 2000

Autism: After one capsule my son began buttoning his shirt!

I am the mother of a boy who was labeled as autistic by the Chicago Public school system two years ago. Since then we have embraced a much healthier lifestyle including eating whole organic vegan foods, raw foods, fermented foods and high quality supplements. We have seen tremendous improvements. However, my son had remained behind in development during this period of time. I was happy that we were progressing but wanted something more.

Then, thankfully I was introduced to the work of Dr. Kiriac. We began BAC about 4 months ago. After one pill my son began buttoning his shirt — a fine motor skill he was unable to do ever before. After a week on the product he began balancing on balance beams at the park. Soon after, he was willing to try new activities including bicycling. He began to socialize with his peers more and his expressive speech became more clear.

My son just started school and is in a “regular” classroom. I have been able to remove most other supplements and my son continues to surprise us each day.

BAC has been a major step in our healing.

– Gina Laverde, Santa Monica, California – November 2009
Visit Gina’s blog at Blissed Life

Blood sugar rate went from 280 + mg/dl to 90 mg/dl!

Hello, I just wanted to pass along some of the fabulous results Samantha and I are enjoying with regular use of the F3 product.

I am a Type 2 Diabetic. My normal fasting blood sugar rates, with diet, exercise, and a host of daily vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements was brought down to a fairly stable 150 mg/dl or so. The supplements were costing me over $300 a month. I now take no other supplement than F3 BAC! After starting with 15 per day for about 6 months, 2 years ago, I now take 6 capsules daily as a maintenance dose. I have dropped over 60 pounds in weight as well.

Now, my fasting blood sugar rate is 90 mg/dl. My doctor tells me that’s almost NORMAL (80 mg/dl being “healthy”). When I was first diagnosed, my fasting blood sugar level was 280 + mg/dl. Needless to say, I am very pleased with the real results of this miracle. THANK YOU !!

Samantha suffers from Herpes, Arthritis in her hands, and certain female hormone imbalances. She used to daily take L-Lysine, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM, and many other supplements. She also used to supplement with a concentrated “green drink” mix. She experimented with several brands. She now also takes nothing but 6 capsules of F3 BAC daily. And her health is fantastic! At 52, she no longer suffers from her joint pains, she no longer has the Herpes outbreaks on her skin, and she is as slender and fit as ever.


I hope this endorsement helps. I know that Samantha and I have tried many products, both “holistic” and otherwise, and we were both relatively skeptical at first. However, we have never obtained anything like these results, regardless of cost.

Thanks once again for this wonderful science!

– Keith M. and Samantha (“Janis”) P. – October 2009

Autism: This has never happened before!

I spoke with you on the phone last Friday about my 2 boys that are challenged with autism. I received my supplements yesterday and immediately started giving them to my children. First, thank you for sending the book, Awakening the Genius Within. I immediately devoured it! Second, after giving each boy two capsules yesterday, my older son got out of bed and dressed himself this morning (similar to Dougie)! This has never happened before. He CAN dress himself, but I usually have to ask him over and over. Today, he did it without me even asking! I’m certain that we are just beginning to see wonderful things from BAC. I will certainly keep you posted!

– Allison L., USA, October 2009

Athletic Performance: Your product sure lives up to its name as a superfood!

Dear Roland, Just wanted to say thanks for all your support. It’s totally amazing how well Bio Algae works. My 2009 campaign is well under way. We have set a 50 and over Maine north to south record riding 390.2 miles in 31 hrs (Fort Kent Maine on the Canadian border to the New Hampshire border in Kittery Maine). I’d like to say the weather was perfect but we encountered rain and fog so thick that visibility was down to 10-12 ft for most of the first 8 hrs. Other than a brief thunderstorm and one wrong turn the rest of the ride was awesome. We raced in the Saratoga 24 hr over the weekend finishing 3rd overall making it to “the podium”; we rode a total of 368.7 miles averaging 15.37 miles per hr.

Your product sure lives up to its name as a superfood. I’m able to recover quickly. I haven’t broken down staying healthy even when others around me are sick. My immune system stays strong, my joints and muscles recover quickly, and even in multi day rides where my daily sleep time is 2 hrs or less I stay mentally alert.

The big test this year will be in Ireland in September, when we try and win the Race Around Ireland (1350 miles in 5 days or less) averaging 275 plus miles per day with less than 2 hrs rest per day. Best Regards.

– Stephen Bugbee, Ultra Racer – July 2009

Glaucoma: He told me that I would never have glaucoma!

I want to let you know that late last year I went to a glaucoma specialist to get my eyes checked on since I was diagnosed five years ago with being a glaucoma suspect and the doctor was astonished to see how strong my eyes are. He was absolutely amazed. He told me that I would never have glaucoma. He said “your retina, cornea, and retinal blood vessels are incredibly strong.” I was absolutely grateful and relieved to know that I would not get glaucoma ever. I continue to take your product and my nails continue to grow as before my nails never grew. They were paper thin and just did not grow. I am ever grateful to your company. I am 27 years old and feel wonderful. Thank you.

– Vanessa, USA – May 2009

Osteoporosis: Ahead of the game building new bone!

I have great success with this product, and I reorder due to clients’ requests.

This lady was taking the product to help rebuild bone density, and couldn’t believe that an “all encompassing” product (rather than a specific calcium/bone oriented product) would make a difference. She has been on it for 1.5 years after having a very bad bone density result 2 years ago.

She just came back from a bone density scan, and found that not only had she rebuilt all she had lost, but was ahead of the game building new bone. She was ecstatic. We had already muscle tested the new replacement product and knew it was biocompatible for her, but she decided not to change to that product due to the good test results. Why mess with results? So I had to reorder and I am so glad I did.

– Esther S, Holistic Allergist, Canada – June 2009

Arthritis pain: Clearly it works wonders!

In November 2007 my husband was experiencing increasing pain in his neck and head. It is a pain he’s had before but on a much smaller level and very infrequently.

We had many doctors visits, even hospitalized him a couple nights with continued testing. When a surgical neurologist finally examined all the mri/ct scans, he determined the pain was caused by arthritis along his cervical spine and said it was not at all caused by the herniated cervical disc as others had believed may be the cause.

With no solution but prescription pain medication and “neck exercises”, neither of which were helping, he began using BAC F2 and F3 gradually increasing dosage; starting January 2008. Just 10 days into using the products, we realized he had gone several days with no debilitating pain. This was a huge relief for him and me, because it “hurt” me to see him in such terrible pain and unable to work and function normally every day.

I STRONGLY recommend this product to anyone suffering severe arthritis pains – clearly it works wonders.

– L. Gordon, Florida – December 2008

Arthritis: Within four months the symptoms were entirely gone.

A few years back I was suffering from arthritis so bad that I had great difficulty getting into and out of my car. Since I was a “heavy duty” commuter this was a major problem. I heard about the Bio-Algae Concentrates and began taking them. Within four months the symptoms were entirely gone.

– N. – December 2008

Rheumatoid Arthritis has largely moved into remission

I was introduced to your product by a friend of mine, and having taken it for a year I find that my Rheumatoid Arthritis has largely moved into remission. Seems like a great thing for me. Thanks.

– Anonymous – February 2009

Breast cancer: I believe many things, including BAC, aided my recovery.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I had heard of your product. I had a dream that indicated I would benefit from blue foods. After reading your info, I learned your product contained blue foods/agents. I did many things that would help me on the road to health. I went to the Ayurvedic Institute for detox and balance, prayer, meditation, a wonderful group of loving people, alkaline diet, and one chemo treatment. I believe all things (above) including bio algae, aided my recovery.

– Anonymous – January 2009

IBS for 40 years: Great improvement with my digestion

I have taken Formula 3 for several months and am still experimenting with dosages but so far I’ve noticed a great improvement with my digestion. I’ve had IBS for over 40 years and taken numerous digestive enzyme products and love the simplicity of taking one product rather than a dozen daily supplements.

– Anonymous

In two years, I cannot remember having a cold or viral infection

I am using BAC to prevent disease from starting; I see it as an insurance policy as I believe the scientific conclusions based on the research behind the product, to be true. In the time I have been using the product – about 2 years – I cannot remember having a cold or viral infection, so perhaps it is working as a “shield” for my health, placebo effect notwithstanding. I intend to continue using BAC.

– Anonymous

Glaucoma: I take bio algae and I have gotten better

I had mercury plus 17 other metals, 7 in my blood stream. My eyes were 1 point from glaucoma, vision 178 over 189. I take bio algae and I have gotten better, there are many reasons, but I believe in your product and it is wonderful. Thank you.

– L.D.

Last blood work came back very good

I’m still doing wonderfully and my last blood work at the Dr.’s came back very good. I have very little trouble with my stomach. I’m so thankful to you for this product and my quality of life. Thanks again.

– Cheryl Fehring, Issaquah, Washington

Endurance racer: I suffered no unusual soreness or inflammation

I used your products while training and racing across America. I rode 1200 miles in 5 days with less than 5 hrs of sleep. I suffered no unusual soreness or inflammation. I remain alert and for the most part mentally cohesive. I recovered quickly and within a month placed 5th in the North American 24hr Championships. I will be returning to RAAM (The Toughest Ultra Cycling Event in the World) to complete the total 3000 miles in twelve days or less in June of 09.

– Stephen Bugbee, North American Professional

I get back on it and feel “normal” again

I do not have a “story” but certainly when I was considering trying your product, the testimonials that I read had a huge influence on my decision to try your product. Periodically, I get lazy and do not take it, but when I realize that I’m not feeling as good as usual, I get back on it and feel “normal” again.

– Anonymous

Seasonal allergies: BAC almost immediately relieves the symptoms

Both my daughter and I take BAC 2 and 3 for seasonal allergies. Whenever we miss taking the BAC we can definitely tell – there’s a lot of sneezing, nose blowing, and watery itching eyes. But taking BAC almost immediately relieves the symptoms.

– S.B., USA

Irritable Bowel Syndrome to general feeling of wellness

I first heard of BAC from a friend who had IBS which was gone in three days of using BAC3+. I started using BAC and I notice new positive changes in/on my body all the time. The most prominent changes are contracting less viruses, the need for less asthma medication, less insomnia, an annual skin rash is extinct, the PH in my body is neutral versus acidic and a general feeling of wellness.

– Anonymous

My thyroid works again

I’ve already posted my amazing testimony, my thyroid works again, so the doctor told me that I would not have to be on medication for the rest of my life!!!! Now I use BAC not for my thyroid as it is working again but for my immune system. 🙂 Have a blessed day.

– E.B.

I will never run out again!

Three times in the last few years I have run out of the F2 capsules. After being out three or four weeks, I developed an old fluid problem and was rushed to the hospital each time with heart problems. I will never run out again unless I just don’t have enough money to buy them.

– Lee Brown, Cisne, Illinois

Very healthy pregnancy

Both husband and I were taking this as a general supplement when I got pregnant. Very healthy pregnancy and baby as I continued to use it through pregnancy. I have not had difficulty conceiving and we have had some good success.

– Anonymous

Congenital respiratory illnesses: The most effective nutritional supplement

I have struggled with congenital respiratory illnesses my entire life. By 18 months of age I coped with severe allergies, asthma, chronic bronchitis, bouts of severe tonsillitis and double bronchial pneumonia… The F2+F3 BAC Combo are the single most effective nutritional supplement I’ve ever used…and I’ve tried dozens… I’ve been off all medications for over 2 years. Even the worst summer pollutants no longer trigger asthmatic reactions. Thanks so much for the products you offer!

– Anonymous

Menopause: Greatly reduces hot flashes

My hands were falling asleep during the night, and I would wear wrist braces to prevent this. After taking BAC F2 and F3 for about 1 to 1 1/2 years, I was able to sleep without numbness and without the braces. Also, increasing the F3 has helped with menopause, greatly reducing hot flashes.

– D.O., Pennsylvania

Slept like a baby – more energy – better digestion and elimination

I noticed an immediate difference when I began taking BAC. The first night, and every night for weeks after, I slept like a baby. No waking up at 3am, unable to go back to sleep. I was sleeping better than I had in many, many years. My energy level began to improve within a couple of weeks and at the end of 3 weeks I had stopped falling asleep in my chair after dinner. Within 5 weeks my digestion and elimination are better.

– Anonymous

Lifting weights: Increase in weight and balance

I started using this product because I was going to a gym and using a very determined personal trainer. At 67 years old I was lifting weights, doing the treadmill with an incline of 5 and at the speed of 6, and doing core exercises of balance, planks, and abdomen. Unfortunately my trainer moved on. I was amazed during that year at what I was able to do and how fast I was able to increase in weight and balance, and I believe this is partly due to the product, and partly to the trainer. I’ll let you know!

– Anonymous

Mental clarity, arthritis and energy

Phyllis has used the BAC 3 for over 6 months. It has helped her mental clarity, her arthritis and her energy. We would recommend the product.

– Anonymous

I am no longer suffering from symptoms of eczema and psoriasis

I have always suffered from skin conditions, (eczema, psoriasis, etc.) for most of my life. As the cold weather approaches, my skin becomes very itchy, red, and hot. By this time, I would be very uncomfortable. Taking a shower would be painful. But I am not suffering from these symptoms. I started taking your product this past summer. I am happy to be itch free!

– C.C., Illinois

Chronic back pain and prostate cancer

Initially I was skeptical, but having chronic back pain and being on pain killers for 4 years led me to try BAC. It took about a year but I am now off all pain killers and experiencing many other benefits as well. My husband had an aggressive form of prostate cancer 3 years ago. He had surgery, but not all the cancer was contained. With a change in diet, lifestyle and BAC, he is feeling great and is still in remission. We love BAC!

– Jenny VanderBerg

I feel better than I did twenty years ago

As a multiple cancer survivor I feel that taking BAC has improved my general sense of well-being. At my age one does not expect to feel better with the passing years but I feel better than I did twenty years ago. Part of the reason must be that I am taking BAC although I am sure that Qi Gong and Tai Chi instructions by Sifu George Picard also earn plaudits.

– Charles Bernard, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Great product

Great product. I feel much better with it than without it.

– Anonymous

I can now close hands that were swollen

When I first started to use BAC my hands were so swollen I was unable to close them. People now say my hands are beautiful and I have no problems closing them.

– Anonymous

Help with sugar cravings and energy is stronger

In talking with Dr. Roland Thomas, he told me what to do to help with my sugar cravings; and, it works. My energy is stronger, I am exercising for the first time in years and the scale is dropping; so far, in 2 months, I have lost 13 lbs. I can’t say enough how absolutely that BAC 2 & 3 are healing all areas and creating well being. 125 years looks good; so, I can say I am just now in the prime of life at 65. Thanks for you and Dr. Kiriac, the team that continues to bring healing to the planet.

– M.J.M.

Glaucoma and bone density

I have had glaucoma for over ten years and my pressure never went below 18 even with drops. After two months on bio algae my pressure dropped to 11 in one eye and 9 in the other. I have been using it for two years now and my doctor is thrilled. Also I had a bone density test a few months ago. My GYN could not believe the difference since the last one and asked me what I was taking. I am 68 and the figures were much better than hers.

– Anonymous

Kidney function improved to 24%

Now kidney function is up to 24% function, a 2% increase over the last three months. I feel certain BAC is the reason. I have been taking 10 capsules a day for over a year now. My diet otherwise is awful. I have been eating one meal every other day. Enjoy, more to be revealed!

F. & B.B., California – October 2008

Extremely high frequency product

Meanwhile, I’ve some things to report on the algae products I’m taking. I only manage to take one each of the F-2 and F-3 twice a day. However, within a week I noticed:

My energy level is maintained throughout the day instead of the usual 2pm slump I experienced in the afternoon.
My mood is much better and more positive; not overly so but just level. Things don’t get me down as much.
Because I’ve got so many other vitamins left, I tried to combine ingesting them along with the algae and promptly threw them up each time. My body just flat out rejected the other supplements after taking this algae.
I sleep soundly and wake up much earlier, feeling awake and refreshed.
I feel well-fed on this product. My body feels nourished.

There is an extremely high frequency to these products.

– Marjorie Bennett, Colorado Springs, Colorado – December 2007

Chronic gastritis: Right away I had results

My name is Cheryl F. and I live in the Seattle area. In 2005, I had emergency surgery for a bad gall bladder. When I woke up in the hospital I found out that I had also had a complete gastric by-pass. No, I am not heavy or have ever been heavy. I had a quarter size hole in my stomach and jaundice and was not doing very well. My doctor later told me that I had about 2 weeks to live.

When I left the hospital, I thought my life would be back to normal and I would be on my way to healing and good health once again. I was mistaken. I began to have little pains and not very much energy. The pain grew and grew until I wasn’t able to eat anything except yogurt, kefir and soup. When I did try and put anything in my stomach, it would blow up like a balloon and be very uncomfortable.

In October this year 2007 I had an endoscope and was diagnosed with Chronic Gastritis. I was given medication that wasn’t working and the pain was still there, and getting worse.

About the same time, I have a friend that met a lady named Jan. Jan’s testimony was so amazing. Her testimony was about how a product named Bio-Algae totally changed her life. I decided right there to give it a try and the following morning I called Dr. Thomas.

I received the product on the 22nd of October and took one that night. Right away I had results, no stomach ache and I slepped through the night. I started my program the next day and I am happy to report that I have not had another stomach ache since that day. I am able to eat food, I have energy and am so happy to have found such a wonderful healing product.

My friends have seen a change in me and so has my husband. Some of them are now taking or thinking about taking Bio-Algae.

Thank you Bio-Alage; Dr. M. Kiriac and Dr. Thomas for giving me my life back!

– Cheryl F., Seattle, Washington – November 2007

Strength-wise and endurance-wise I am making crazy improvements

I have been taking this supplement now for a while, I started training three weeks ago and the improvements that I make are just insane. I take three in the morning and three in the afternoon and my friends, who are professional fighters, all ask me what I am using.

Strength-wise and endurance-wise I am making crazy improvements. It’s the ONLY thing that I am taking next to Milk Thistle, no other things what so ever.

My neighbor is 56 years old, he used to be Stallone’s bodyguard for 17 years, he’s taking it too and can’t believe what he’s doing right now, training hard and recovering like crazy.

I truly believe that it can be only because of the bio-algae, since that’s the only thing I use.

Everywhere I come people ask me what my training routine is, when I tell them that I started training three weeks ago after a 14 month layoff, they don’t believe me.

Many will think for sure that I am doing something illegal, like steroids, but trust me, that stuff I don’t use, they can actually test me with ANY test they want, and if they want to put their money where their mouth is, I will be happy to take that bet right away, I can always use some extra cash!

Try it out and see how it works for you, what do you have to lose right?


– Bas Rutten, October 2007
Three time undefeated King of Pancrase, and the undefeated UFC Heavyweight champion Visit Bas’s website at

BAC has brought me back to health


I have been very ill for 4 years. I was bit by a tick carrying Ehrlichia and Lyme Disease. Unknown to me at the time, the head of the tick was left in my side. Four months later, I was bitten several times by a Brown Recluse Spider. Between the two bites I got very ill, bedridden for 4 weeks and even with massive medical intervention, I almost died. For one year, I suffered with severe joint and muscle pain and headaches. I was often weak and couldn’t get comfortable in any position.

I started taking BAC and within a few weeks of starting a friend, that knew of my condition who had not seen me in a while, asked me what I was doing because she said I looked great. Well, I thought about it and realized I had been feeling better and the only change that I had made was that I had been taking BAC. I have been taking BAC for over six months now (2 capsules/day) and during times of stress I take an additional mid-day capsule. I am a true believer that BAC has brought me back to a healthy functioning person.

– Robin H. – 2007

My energy levels have improved to no end

This is the end of my second week using F2. I am a long time qigong practitioner. My energy levels have improved to no end. Also, I am more aware of a sense of well being. Slightly changed my diet at the same time and over the 2 weeks I have lost 5lbs.

Health & happiness,

– Eric W., UK – August 2007

Acne rosacea seems to be gone

I’m not sure what the algae is doing for me. Certain things like the acne rosacea seems to be gone. I have more energy, my joints might be a little better. Tomorrow I will be up to 11 a day. I am also giving my dog (who weighs 20lbs) one pill a day. He was limping at the end of the evening so I did two things. I changed his food (because of the recall) and started giving him an algae a day. He has not limped for a while now, and seems to have a lot more energy. He just seems happier.

– Donna Kaiser – August 2007

A picture tells a thousand words

A picture tells a thousand words


I was curious about this Bio-Algae product that Roland Thomas, ND was lecturing about at the USPS conference. I decided to take a before and after picture. 15 minutes after taking one capsule of the formula F2, the results speak for themselves.
This is me Before
Aura is yellow murkey
Aura is blue and clear

– Katherine Kennedy,
USPS Conference, Chicago, IL – July 2007

I really feel the difference if I don’t take it for even one day!

I’ve been using BAC as part of my healthy lifestyle routine for just over two years now.

I’ve had a couple of rough years – first my father passed away Dec 05 and then my husband had a major heart attack Dec 06. It’s been a very stressful time for me and BAC has helped me enormously. I really feel the difference if I don’t take it for even one day!

Thank you Dr. Thomas for the wealth of information. God bless both you and Dr. Kiriac for this superfood.


– Jacki – United Kingdom, July 2007


I don’t know how it works, but BAC has helped me with my “brain fog” (lack of oxygen to the brain) and my thinking and head are much clearer. Additionally, I find myself feeling much calmer, more positive, and having a “sense of calm” from taking BAC. I’ve cut back to two capsules daily as I feel much better with this regimen.

This product is just incredible. Granted, I’ve only been on it for a week, but I am enjoying it. It works!

With best regards,

– Bob G. – July 2007

Have never quite had any results for myself… until I found the BAC

I have found for myself that I am getting so much more done now than ever before… forget those help-yourself manuals! Just get yourself on the right track and watch out! My vision is improving very much and I just realized that my astigmatism is not so noticeable, wow.

I find the product is a very gentle de-toxer and that is good.

In my senior year of high school (1981) I did a science project on raising turkeys with and without spirulina…. The results were stunning. The birds on the spirulina ate half as much and grew twice as fast. They also were all very healthy and all in this group lived. The group without the spirulina added to their diets were sickly, cannabilistic and about half of that group died. I remember taking the spirulina also for myself in orange juice and I found that classes I normally ‘slept’ through I wanted to get up and lead them; I was so much more engaged!

Since that time I have bought other spirulina and have never quite had any results for myself that were close to the same until I found the BAC. I feel like I’ve finally come home and this is where my future lies.

Thank-you for giving life to the entire planet and all its beings. I love sharing this with others and look forward to seeing more and more excellent results… Life is good!


– Jacqueline Chapman, Bozeman, ID – July 2007

I’m able to LIVE WELL with stage IV breast cancer

Bless you for The Magic! BAC is a major part of my health and wellness regimen, and one of the main reasons I’m able to LIVE WELL with stage IV cancer despite weekly chemotherapy. Many people tell me that I don’t look like a cancer patient… perhaps I’m part of a new wave of people who are changing the face of cancer!

Be well,

– Wendi Pedicone – June 2007

Favorable eye check up

Thought you would like to know that I have had a pretty favorable eye check up. Especially compared to declining eyesight. This time only a little of the retina damage was seen by the optometrist, this morning. Very good news for me. Was also thinking about my cat. He seems to have less breathing problems. He has been taking two capsules to my twelve. Hope that this reaches you in the greatest wealth, good health!

– Franklin & B.B. – June 2007

The pressure (glaucoma) in my right eye has dropped from 16 to 11

Dear Roland, I am now on my fourth bottle of the Bio-Algae and still taking nine capsules a day, as you advised.

The eye doctor checked the pressure for the glaucoma yesterday. I was most curious to see if there would be any difference since taking the BAC. The pressure in my right eye (which they have been unable to bring down for years) has dropped from 16 to 11. The left eye is even a bit lower!!

Even more strange: I noticed that the vision in my left eye had improved… I have a few blind spots from the glaucoma, and when I read the chart I find that every third letter in a line is a total blur. This time I was able to read many more letters.

I am really happy about it and now feel justified in spending that much every month! Thank you again so much for all your help and advice.


– Gail Gallagher – June 2007

UPDATE – July 2007

I am still very happy with the eye pressure with my Glaucoma. I might also mention that I think you may have discovered the Fountain of Youth! On my fourth or fifth bottle of supplements, I have noticed a remarkable improvement in my skin… especially on my hands which have been severely chapped ever since I was a child.

Leukemia: He just rolled up his eyes, even after seeing her results

I just wanted to share with you real quick some great news. I got my mother in law on the F3 because she has leukemia. Her doctor wanted to put her on all this medicine for her rising cholesterol and white blood cells. She told him to wait one month and she would get blood work again and they could go from there. Just after one month with the F3 (she didn’t change anything else) her levels all dropped.

Total cholesterol 258 to 185!
Tryglicerides 223 to 135!
Bad cholesterol 163 to 112!
White cell count went back to normal!

The doctor asked her what meds he put her on, thinking he forgot to write it in her chart. Smiling back she said “none”, and proceeded to tell him about the supplement. He just rolled up his eyes, even after seeing her results in the blood work! Go figure, maybe some day he’ll choose to look into it for his clients.

I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing product. It has also helped tremendously with my Newfoundland who has kidney disease.


– Shannon, Taylor, Paws & Claws
Breckenridge, Colorado – February 2007

Bio-Algae Concentrates is “Kung Food”

Anyway, I wanted to give you my BAC story as of late. Last Saturday I woke up with the worse sore throat I had ever had. It swelled up and I had a horrible time swallowing. I had never experienced that before. On Saturday, I took 1 capsule of F3 every hour all day and on Sunday, I did the same. By Sunday evening, I felt 100% better. The power of BAC is unbelievable! My energy level was great. Thank you Dr. Kiriac for your passion and knowledge with your BAC products!

I know that any other person that went through what I did would have raced to the medical doctor and got antibiotics. I see it all the time. I would much rather o.d. on BAC!

I love that “Bio-Algae Concentrates is the Kung Food of the nutritional art of self defense from diseases.”

That is awesome!

– Dina Page, Denver, CO – October 2006

I feel really REALLY good!

Dear Roland, I feel really REALLY good! It is much more than I could have hoped for. I will see about getting you my blood values. All have improved. My urine has less protein, my need for insulin has diminished. Mostly I feel wonderful. I could not have said that when I started taking BAC. Immediately I knew this was something special. Everyone I talk to says that I sound so much better. “What has happened to you?”, I hear a lot. Everyone who knows me knows that I have gone through a tremendous change. I only hope to be able to soon stop all the medications I have been taking. You know, I used to spend much more on vitamins and minerals and supplements of all sorts. I feel that the need for those things is gone. I feel much better than I ever did on all that mess of vitamins and other stuff. No doubt about it. Thanks again for a mighty turn on. I have only gotten up to eight capsules a day. On my third bottle.

I give my cat, B.B., only one a day now. You said to give him three, and I will work up to that too. He waits for me to add the BAC to his food. It is very special.

– Franklin & B.B – April 2007

Life into my dried bones

Thanks for the BAC. I need to let people know about this wonderful stuff. I feel like God has used your Bio-Algae to breath life into my dried bones. My wife is thinking that I have become like a new man in only 6 days. Before I was always so tired, now I have energy that I have not had in years. With my last lung function test showing that I had less than 15% of my lungs left, I just though that the fatigue was part of the disease.

I have been making arrangements to move to a lower elevation because I could not get enough strength to exercise and without exercise, I was getting weaker by the day. With BAC, I have done more in the last 5 days than I have in the last 5 months. This is nothing short of a miracle and I know I would have to give the disclaimers to people letting them know that I am an extreme case and maybe not everyone will have the same results.


– Larry J., Colorado – March 2007

No longer pre-diabetic!

I started taking BAC F2 and F3 almost exactly one year ago.

I informed myself about the products by reading the Bio-Algae Concentrates website after my vet recommended BAC F2 for my aging cats. I then decided to try BAC myself.

For the past 15 years I’ve been told I’m pre-diabetic. Because of that, I’ve tried to change my diet and take supplements according to recommendations by various naturopaths and healers. But, despite everything, I remained pre-diabetic. I also take synthyroid and liothyronine supplements, as prescribed by my physician.

Now, one year later, I see great improvement in my health; my lab tests in September, 2006, indicate that I’m no longer pre-diabetic, and my thyroid dose was cut in half last May. I also have very little plaque on my teeth after decades of deposits that required cleaning every 4 months. My dentist is surprised because teeth and gums usually deteriorate more at my age (63) as opposed to becoming healthier.

After a year of taking 4-6 F2 and 8-12 F3 daily and getting these results, I feel comfortable recommending BAC to others.


– Ingrid Eisenman, Seattle, WA – October 2006

BAC does it!

I discovered BAC in a conference in the States 3 years ago, tried it to replace my medicine for hypo-thyroid, and in less than 3 weeks I was off my medicine.

I was feeling great using BAC (10 pills of BAC 2 and 10 of BAC 3) for only 4 months, before I dropped down to 5 pills of BAC 2 and 5 of BAC 3, and one year later I’m taking only 3 of each every day.

It took only 3 weeks to stop my medicine and since then (even going through a difficult divorce with heavy stress), I’ve been able to have full potentiel of energy, great looking skin, and feel just good. Before BAC I would have had a hard time to wake up and get up in the morning, I was ALWAYS feeling tired from morning to evening, and I was either too cold or too hot, now my thermo-regulation is well balanced.

The other amazing fact is that I was under a hight dosage of medecine for thyroid, 100mg instead of the “normal” 50mg. When my first child was born, I decided to give her on her second winter one pill of BAC 2, one every other day. She NEVER got any cold at all, never got any flu when all the other children were sick. And for myself I’ve NEVER gotten sick either since I’m on BAC. Also I’m a vegan-vegetarian and it does influence the results a lot. I say that because my ex-husband was not a vegetarian and was often coming home from work with cough, cold or flu, and he never took BAC consistently (just when he was sick), and the thing is that me and the children could live in the same house and we were not getting sick!!

I love BAC and do believe it is the best product ever. In fact doctor Churney from Colorado State, at Eden Valley, invited me to a conference, and my life changed for good since then.

Still today I give BAC 2 to both of my children over the cold months of Switzerland. Would you believe me if I said that my children NEVER get runny noses, and mothers around me are always amazed. BAC does it!

Have a great day!

– Esther, Switzerland – September 2006

Now there is a clue

I have been on the product now for over a year and decided that I would go off the product because it was expensive and I was taking other green products. Well after a week I crashed and felt terrible. I was very agitated. My adrenals were pooped. I took 4 pills and in 2 hours I felt like myself again. I take 6 open caps a day. I tell people I am not ill I just have green lips because I am taking a green product.

My lesson is that I had no idea how this product was affecting me. This year I did notice that at springtime I did not have to take medication for allergies. Now there is a clue. I take the BAC Forte everyday. I have learned my lesson that the longer you are on the product the better your health will be.

– Lyra Grant, New Mexico – July 2006

Do not experience heart palpitations anymore

I am thrilled to share to you this good news and I credit this to BAC. Just like what you mentioned I experience tangible health benefits. The most noticeable by me is I do not experience heart palpitations anymore despite being diagnosed of having Mitral Valve Prolapse. My breathing is now calm and I do NOT experience shortness of breath anymore. In fact, I look forward to having my next 2D Echo Doppler test. I am glad I did not follow the advice of the cardiologist in putting me on beta blockers. I did take them for two weeks but I felt weird physically so I stopped. After several months of searching the net for answers on how to be healthy, I found BAC.

One more thing that I am thrilled of… last May 17, 2006, I had a skin carotenoid test using Pharmanex biophotonic scanner. My score was 24,000. Then when your shipment arrived on May 19, 2006. I started taking an average of 4 to 5 capsules per day. Guess what is my score now, July 5, 2006? In just 45 days, my score leaped to 29,000!!! I am happy with the results and hope to reach a score just like yours. I think your score was 60,000+++.

Thank you again for everything.


– Hennery Relucio, Manila Phlippines – July 2006

Strength in my lungs

I am writing this letter in absolute gratitude for what the product, BAC, has done for me. When I started taking BAC 2, it was because my sister, realizing the tremendous state of poor health that I was in, ordered it for me. I began taking it, one half of a tablet at a time. I saw no real response to it, and stopped taking it. Months passed before I would try again. Chris finally convinced me to start taking the product once again, and this time I made a commitment to follow through taking it. I am now up to five tablets a day.

It has been about four months, and during this period of time, I have experienced some phenomenal things. First of all, I was suffering with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It is gone. Next, I was suffering with arthritis. It is much better and I believe on it’s way out. Thirdly and most importantly, I was suffering with scarred and damaged lungs from having been stricken with Staphylococcus Pneumonia in 1998 and ARDS in 2000. Both deadly infectious lung illnesses that kill most people quickly. I was on life support both times, in a coma both times, trached in my throat both times and pronounced dead both times. I was told I would be on oxygen the rest of my life. I had no wind in me, and breathing was difficult.

Today, I can tell you my lungs are on the mend. I know that since taking BAC my ability to breath and even hold my breath has more than greatly improved. I am truly on the mend. I had lungs that collapsed and filled up with blood. Doctors gave up on me. Of course, I give the credit to God, but I also credit the BAC for giving me back my strength in my lungs. The other day, I held my breath for close to one minute. Unbelievable. Thank you to all the people who ever worked on this product to bring about the wonder of it all.


– J.P. Cisneros – June 2006

Tremendous difference in my energy and mood

I wanted to thank you again for this incredible product. I really can’t believe that I have gone this long between usages. Just the tremendous difference in my energy, my mood, my desire for food has gone way down, my desire for quality food has gone up. I think this is operating on a much more important level than just the physical. Thank you.

– Glenn Streeter, Certified Medical Fitness Specialist – April 2006

No need for surgery

I was a lineman for the local power company for many years and suffered with very painful knees most of that time. My doctor said I would have to have both knees replaced which I wasn’t looking forward to, so I put it off. A couple years ago a friend introduced me to Bio-Algae Concentrates and after taking it for only a few weeks, I had absolutely no pain and there was no need for any surgery. I am completely retired now at 74 but very active and busy gardening and mowing lawns for people. I also clear snow for them in the winter with no pain whatsoever.

– G. Fenske, Wisconsin – March, 2006

Cancer of the bone marrow

I was diagnosed with Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulineniea or cancer of the bone marrow. In February 2003, after receiving 4 treatments of antibodies and one blood transfusion, I took MGN3 for a while and my condition did not improve.

In January of 2004 I started taking BAC F3 and after only one month, my hemoglobin went up 10 points. I felt a new surge of energy and well being I had not felt in years. By July 2004 my oncologist declared “I was in remission”.

BAC was my miracle pill. It is indeed a fabulous cellular food!

For you to have discovered this formula denotes a very loving, caring person, on the road to help mankind stay alive and well.

God bless you and your family. Sincere and grateful thanks.

– Cecile Jalbert, Montreal, Canada – February 2006

UPDATE – July 2006

Last month, I visited my oncologist for a controle exam. He declared my blood “perfect”. Since January 2004 I have only used BAC in my regiment. Thank you Dr. Kiriac for your magnificent research that has saved my life.

Tremors stopped

It’s now been 34 days that I take BAC and I can safely say that my general tremors have stopped. I have been mostly in bed for two years due to chronic lower spine (L5 / S1) pain. I get up to go to the bathroom. I have stopped taking my pain medication a week now and I feel fine. A friend unaware of my condition called me to ask that I pick up their car and pick them up at the airport. I felt daring enough and figured it would take me 30 minutes to ride my bike 3 miles to their home and car… It took me 20 minutes and I felt good. Thank you BAC.

– D. K., Hawaii – Februray 2006

UPDATE – May 2006

Before I started taking BAC, my PSA had jumped to 6.5 in December 2005. Last week I had new test results and it is now down to 5.1. Also, since I stay in bed a lot, I used to have problems with lactic acid when I bicycled for exercise. Now I don’t have that problem.

Diarrhea stopped

After two days on BAC my chronic diarrhea that I have had for one year everyday has stopped. It’s been three weeks now without… I am thrilled.

– Joanette P., USA – Februray 2006