A headstart and boost to eliminating MRSA!

I was very ill with MRSA (superbug/antibiotic resistant), Having strong IV antibiotics daily for about two months. During that time I found bio super foods and begin taking them.  My goal was to build up my immune system so I could type this and get rid of it… Forever. I heard of too many people who have had it had strong antibiotic treatment and then have it recur. I did not want that. I wanted it,. I began a regimen to eliminate MRSA I think my immune system. This included bio super foods, essential oils, copper bedsheets, diffusers with oils, Much rest, Altering my lifestyle. The bio superfood’s gave me my head start and boost to begin this process. I’m so very thankful! My last intensive test showed I have no MRSA.  I have not been sick a day since then, and others around me have been!

Ali C., MI, USA 2014