A mainstay in my diet

Several years ago, I was suffering from severe heart-pounding episodes, along with fatigue and depression. Test revealed extreme hypothyroidism and adrenal burn-out. A friend recommended BAC. I began taking 12 caps/day of F3. Within less than 2 weeks, I began to feel better. The heart-pounding began to subside. I was sleeping better at night. Over time, I continued to improve.
Today, BAC is a mainstay in my diet. I am taking F2 because it is more affordable. If I could manage it, I would still be taking 12 caps/day of F3. With all that we are exposed to – radiation, EMF/RF, heavy metals, pesticides, and on and on – the concentrated and pure nutrition of BAC that directly addresses these challenges, is an absolute necessity.

Cathrine Hartwell, AZ, USA 2014