All I need and more … for total well being

My quest for high nutrition started when I was very sick with diabetes, overweight and high blood pressure. After seeing a health food store nutritionist i was able to cure my issues with several nutrients and diet. I blew the doctors mind as he did not believe my healing. He tested me several times because my blood results indicated no more diabetes. However, I continued my research in finding the one product that I can take that gives me all I need and more nutrition for total well being. Three years ago I found BIOAGE and read the Book, ATGW and ordered my first bottle. six months later I started my sons on BAC. All athletes at high levels of competition. Out of three sins, only two of my sons decided to take

BAC. One son played college basketball DIV.1 at UNLV and the other played two years of football for Notre Dame. He quit football this year to continue his Engineering studies. He will be a junior in the fall 2014. Both sons attribute the BAC for their athletic success/school.

Gerard M., NV, USA 2014