ALS (Lou Gehrig) Survivor

I am benefiting tremendously already from your product.  During the night I took two doses of 3 capsules of BAC and felt more rested balanced and did two additional doses of 3 capsules today and I have such a good feeling about it. BAC is remarkable and I have high hopes for the coming months! I have so much work.

I had a film crew coming Monday and my speech and energy on Friday was terrible. I had a good feeling from the BAC, and I decided to attempt two capsules three times daily to see if it could save the day of 12 hours of filming because the documentary could change my life. I developed remarkable energy by the end of the night and felt the best I have in many months. I continued to do the same thing the next two days, and my energy and speaking where no doubt at a level that was due to BAC. I feel the happiest I have in nine months. I am not attributing all the happiness, but the BAC helped make it physically possible.

My breathing is better and so is my mood. I am deepening in my clarity and peace. I am getting deeper sleep. My morning caregiver says my torso looks thicker and my standing has been stronger.

Gratefully, Craig Oster, ALS Survivor