For exactly 3 months today, I’ve been taking the BAC capsules separately one at a time.

That means, the same 6 capsules, but instead of 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon, I’m taking one every 2 hours.

And the results are absolutely much stronger now:

– I was waking up once a night to pee— and now I sleep straight to the morning.

– I’ve also been able to sleep 7-8 hour a night, which before I wasn’t able to.

– And now I don’t need the alarm clock, i wake up right before it rings.

– And when it rings and wake up full of energy, ready to start a powerful day.

– Also mentally I feel WAY MORE CLEAR AND FOCUSED. It’s so strong and perceivable that made me want to share.

– And my psychological and emotional states are super solid and centered, even in emotionally charged situations—like before giving a Campaign presentation to a few CEOs, I don’t get nervous as I did before. I maintain a very calm, conscious and confident mood.

Taking BAC capsules separately made a big difference for me—and became a habit now because the effects are really MUCH stronger.

Adri, NYC, USA 2023