I am a firm believer in anti-aging, but for the sake of living well TODAY, rather than living LONGER. I started researching and taking MANY supplements and vitamins a few years back when I began noticing the signs of age creeping up. I gradually became knowledgeable in the science of anti-aging and loaded up my daily diet with a significant volume of supplements. This routine was costly and a burden to keep up with. Additionally, taking so many supplements usually left me feeling some drowsiness and energetic downs. I have replaced all supplements with just a few BAC capsules daily. I can take them anytime with or around meals, the cost is reduced by half, and I feel great!

– Roland Thomas (Male, 52) Denver, CO – December 2001


BAC has continued to provide me all of the early reported benefits and much more. I have continued to feel energized and as a result I feel I have accomplished much this year. I have not been sick at all! I have saved more than $1,000 in supplements this year alone. Due to a lower back disc displacement (L5) that happened 17 years ago, my back kept acting up regularly and as a preventive solution, I would (have to) visit nearly every month or two either a massage therapist, a chiropractor or a D.O. (Osteopath) for the pain or adjustment. I am happy to report that I have NOT seen ONE of those practitioners for over 14 months. For over 20 years, on most mornings, I have been sitting in cross legged position for about one hour to meditate. Up to until a few months ago, the pain in my knees had always bothered me, at times excruciatingly. And now, it’s gone and I can enjoy sitting rather then suffer through it. I also had (may still have, but can’t feel it) a chronic tendonitis at the right knee since 15 years developed during long years of running. I had stopped running entirely, but started fast walking and the tendonitis kept bothering me until a few months ago when it stopped.

– Roland Thomas (Male, 53) Denver, CO – November 2002