Arthritis pain: Clearly it works wonders!

In November 2007 my husband was experiencing increasing pain in his neck and head. It is a pain he’s had before but on a much smaller level and very infrequently.

We had many doctors visits, even hospitalized him a couple nights with continued testing. When a surgical neurologist finally examined all the mri/ct scans, he determined the pain was caused by arthritis along his cervical spine and said it was not at all caused by the herniated cervical disc as others had believed may be the cause.

With no solution but prescription pain medication and “neck exercises”, neither of which were helping, he began using BAC F2 and F3 gradually increasing dosage; starting January 2008. Just 10 days into using the products, we realized he had gone several days with no debilitating pain. This was a huge relief for him and me, because it “hurt” me to see him in such terrible pain and unable to work and function normally every day.

I STRONGLY recommend this product to anyone suffering severe arthritis pains – clearly it works wonders.

– L. Gordon, Florida – December 2008