Autism: After one capsule my son began buttoning his shirt!

I am the mother of a boy who was labeled as autistic by the Chicago Public school system two years ago. Since then we have embraced a much healthier lifestyle including eating whole organic vegan foods, raw foods, fermented foods and high quality supplements. We have seen tremendous improvements. However, my son had remained behind in development during this period of time. I was happy that we were progressing but wanted something more.

Then, thankfully I was introduced to the work of Dr. Kiriac. We began BAC about 4 months ago. After one pill my son began buttoning his shirt — a fine motor skill he was unable to do ever before. After a week on the product he began balancing on balance beams at the park. Soon after, he was willing to try new activities including bicycling. He began to socialize with his peers more and his expressive speech became more clear.

My son just started school and is in a “regular” classroom. I have been able to remove most other supplements and my son continues to surprise us each day.

BAC has been a major step in our healing.

– Gina Laverde, Santa Monica, California – November 2009
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