BAC does it!

I discovered BAC in a conference in the States 3 years ago, tried it to replace my medicine for hypo-thyroid, and in less than 3 weeks I was off my medicine.

I was feeling great using BAC (10 pills of BAC 2 and 10 of BAC 3) for only 4 months, before I dropped down to 5 pills of BAC 2 and 5 of BAC 3, and one year later I’m taking only 3 of each every day.

It took only 3 weeks to stop my medicine and since then (even going through a difficult divorce with heavy stress), I’ve been able to have full potentiel of energy, great looking skin, and feel just good. Before BAC I would have had a hard time to wake up and get up in the morning, I was ALWAYS feeling tired from morning to evening, and I was either too cold or too hot, now my thermo-regulation is well balanced.

The other amazing fact is that I was under a hight dosage of medecine for thyroid, 100mg instead of the “normal” 50mg. When my first child was born, I decided to give her on her second winter one pill of BAC 2, one every other day. She NEVER got any cold at all, never got any flu when all the other children were sick. And for myself I’ve NEVER gotten sick either since I’m on BAC. Also I’m a vegan-vegetarian and it does influence the results a lot. I say that because my ex-husband was not a vegetarian and was often coming home from work with cough, cold or flu, and he never took BAC consistently (just when he was sick), and the thing is that me and the children could live in the same house and we were not getting sick!!

I love BAC and do believe it is the best product ever. In fact doctor Churney from Colorado State, at Eden Valley, invited me to a conference, and my life changed for good since then.

Still today I give BAC 2 to both of my children over the cold months of Switzerland. Would you believe me if I said that my children NEVER get runny noses, and mothers around me are always amazed. BAC does it!

Have a great day!

– Esther, Switzerland – September 2006