BAC help me battling lymphoma

My name is Tom I live in Windsor County Vermont. In  January of 2004, I was introduced to BAC on a trip to Colorado. Upon taking the product I immediately felt the positive effects, Most notable was the increased energy levels.

After returning to Vermont I went on with my life and never ordered them probably due to the cost. I met my wife in 2006 and in February of 2012 I found myself diagnosed with an aggressive form of stage 4 lymphoma.  at the time of diagnosis, I was very sick, week, unable to walk any distance without being exhausted. I was barely able to carry my two-year-old up the stairs and keeping my eyes open was a challenge.

Although the diagnosis was never terminal, the road to recovery would require quite a bit of chemotherapy over the course of six months. I entered a research study at dhmc and was treated with 2 rounds of ABVD and 6 of EBEOCOPP.

I was told the escalated regime was very hard on the bone marrow, finishing on time was unlikely, inpatient treatment was recommended for week one of the 3-week cycle.

The first thing I did after I was told I had cancer was to go online and order BAC, my first order arrived the day of my biopsy.

As I went through my treatments my strength, stamina, and overall health continued to improve.  Although I continued to lose weight during treatment and I did eventually lose my hair, I walked longer distances every day. I had very few side effects from the chemotherapy, finished all treatments completely and on time. I would stay overnight day 1 to day 2 but not the full week.

I was cleared to go back to work full-time the day after my cycle ended. I went for a final blood test on Monday morning, my platelets and white blood cells were recovering and out of the danger zone and returned to work that afternoon.

I work outside in the utility industry, year after year since taking BAC I have been the top overtime worker in the state. other than 3 missed work days in 2013 with a norovirus I have not had any missed work days due to illness.

My whole family takes BAC daily and it is the single most important item in our family budget. If I ever cannot afford my home and biosuperfood I will sell my home and find a less expensive place to live. That is how strongly I believe in this product. My advice to you is not to wait till your sick to invest in your families health, good health is priceless!

Thank you BAC!