Bio-Algae Concentrates is “Kung Food”

Anyway, I wanted to give you my BAC story as of late. Last Saturday I woke up with the worse sore throat I had ever had. It swelled up and I had a horrible time swallowing. I had never experienced that before. On Saturday, I took 1 capsule of F3 every hour all day and on Sunday, I did the same. By Sunday evening, I felt 100% better. The power of BAC is unbelievable! My energy level was great. Thank you Dr. Kiriac for your passion and knowledge with your BAC products!

I know that any other person that went through what I did would have raced to the medical doctor and got antibiotics. I see it all the time. I would much rather o.d. on BAC!

I love that “Bio-Algae Concentrates is the Kung Food of the nutritional art of self defense from diseases.”

That is awesome!

– Dina Page, Denver, CO – October 2006