Biophotonic Powerhouses

Dear Professor Kiriac,

I have been impressed with the story of your life and fascinated by your passion and dedication to human health; real vibrant health independently of social and economic pressures… Usually around here, I’m the one they call Mr. Algae! It is true that for the last 12 years, I have also been passionate about these precious algae, about a certain vision of health and nutrition and specially about micronutrition.

When I read your documentation, I had the feeling of having found a soul mate, someone with whom to share this battle for life. Though my path has been less academic and thorough than yours, like you, I really believe that these products can “save humanity” and I look forward to meeting you soon.

The reason I waited to contact you was that I had doubts about the vitality of your algae since you use bioreactors in the process. To this date, all spirulina that I have tested have been low on that level though their nutrient content corresponded to their scientific analysis. But none of them reached a sufficient white light and vitality level to efficiently sustain human health.

Even the high grade products contained in Miron glass provided with strong scientific documentation only managed to lower general vitality of the subjects tested while with good bioavailability of the vitamins, the pigments, the minerals, etc. And so, I had come to judge all algae negatively.

A recent radionic analysis of your products has led me to reconsider my restricted views about algae. The level of white light and vitality of your products are absolutely incredible. They are real biophotonic powerhouses!

Bravo and thank you, dear Professor. May your invention obtain its well deserved success everywhere on our old planet. Spassiba!


– F. P. (Mr. Algae) Switzerland – August 2004