Chronic diarrhea

Dr. Kiriac, I would like to thank you for giving me back my dignity… Let me explain: I contacted you a while back because of digestion problems such as chronic diarrhea. Because of this condition, I felt extremely distressed and humiliated. Often I had to spend all night in the toilet. When I did manage to fall asleep, I’d often wake up soiled. Following my meeting with you and after only 7 days, I was astounded. There was a great progress in eliminating the diarrhea. Thanks to you I now sleep without interruption nearly every night. The anxiety of soiling my bed is gone! What a relief and I know its only the beginning of my freedom… THANK YOU, THANK YOU, DOCTOR KIRIAC FOR GIVING ME BACK MY DIGNITY AND MORE.

– D.K. (Female, 40) Ontario, Canada