Chronic Fatigue and Nothing but BAC

I entered a convent at 21 years old. One year later I contracted Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and have suffered for the last 7 years. I had to leave the convent twice because the CFS symptoms were so bad. My doctors thought they had it all figured it out with chiropractor care, supplements and thyroid medication but no, I had a meltdown 1 year ago and had to leave the convent again. A Sister in the convent was using bio-algae concentrates to eliminate tumors on our German Shepherds. It worked so well she suggested I try balancing my body too. My CFS symptoms included extreme fatigue, bodily heaviness, labored breathing, ‘flu-like’ symptoms, pain and being depressed all the time. I have been taking Bio-Algae Concentrates f3 for 9 months now. Nothing has given me what this stuff has done. After spending a ton of money on supplements with only partial results, I take nothing else now but Bio-Algae Concentrates f3, not even my thyroid medication. I was at 20% functionality when I started Bio-Algae Concentrates f3 and now I feel I am at 80%. Thank you so much and thank God!!! May God Bless you abundantly.
—Sister C.