Clarity of mind

I would like to thank the scientist Dr. Kiriac for creating this fabulous product, Bio-Algae Concentrates (BAC). I am grateful for his interest in the health of people and for this cellular food with so many nutritional wonders.

Since I started taking Bio-Algae Concentrates (6 months), I feel that the nutritional and complete value of this food supplement has supported my healing process very effectively: I have more physical vigor, more clarity of mind, an alert spirit, better sleep, better and longer concentration, a greater tolerance to stress, a bigger capacity to meet daily challenges, better digestion, more joy, less pain, and not the least a better blood test report.

I have suffered six years of extreme fatigue, crippling and unbearable pains in my entire body, and I am very happy to have discovered Bio-Algae Concentrates. The Bio-Energy test showed that my organs responded miraculously to the formula proposed by Dr. Kiriac; and it is with amazement that I can enjoy the beautiful gift of life again.

I am not trying to say that my symptoms have completely disappeared. At times they may amplify and certain obstinate pains still persist… but each time with less intensity and frequency. It is important to understand that the body goes through the natural process of detoxifying and regenerating itself; this also requires listening, rest, faith, tolerance and patience at all times.

In our society of speed and consumerism, it’s expected to get “quick” results without much effort. My experience enables me to recognize that the body must respond to other laws in order to reverse the negative “patterns” of the past: the universal laws of love, wisdom, and intelligence prevail. This is the grand mystery of life to which we are all subjected to.

I wish you all the blessings of BAC and to find the spirit of discovery, the simple recognition of “what is” and the complete happiness of living in the present, beyond pain and suffering.

Manon, A great lover of life, Quebec, Canada – June 2005

True scientist and humanist

Dear Doctor Kiriac and devoted team,

My girlfriend and I are anxious to thank you infinitely for this lecture and discussions this afternoon. A lot of knowledge and plain truths, no lies, you are a TRUE SCIENTIST AND HUMANIST, THEY ARE SO RARE. We read your information flyer and we are still amazed…

Thank-you a thousand times and we remain in communication with you.

D.H.A., Naturopath
J. G., Scientific Journalist, Q. Sciences