Comdemned to mononucleosis

Dear Professor,

It is with some pride and enormous joy that I pass on to you the testimony of my niece, Valérie Hébert, in which she talks about herself.

God knows, and her as well, that the day you were born was blessed by the celestial authorities, whomever they may be, since you are one whom they chose to do good to humanity.

My niece had received a death sentence from medical authorities that had told my sister (Valérie’s mother) that they could do nothing more for her. At that point I was put in contact with you and Valérie has since received a certificate of rebirth.

A thousand thanks are little for a life, but that is what expresses the joy felt from the healing of Valérie, all thanks to BAC.

I wish you and your loved ones long life, health, success and prosperity in this holiday season, a period of consciousness that love and harmony are our most precious possessions.

Sincere thanks,

Paul M. Gélinas – Counselor in corporate and financial engineering

================== Valérie’s Testimonial =================

Hi, my name is Valérie and I am 17 years old. Since August of 2002, I have attended the Trois-Rivières high school where I studied in human science. I have my driver’s license and at last I can do activities that I had to abandon under order of the doctors at St. Justine hospital. Through reading this text you will understand why I had to stop these activities.

It all began in October of 1997. I was twelve years old and I was in my first year of high school. That month I thought I had a bad flu, and I did not consult a doctor about it because I didn’t think it was something to be worried about. However, during the following months, my case worsened, I became more and more tired, dizzy, I ate very little, I was nauseated, I would shake, sweat, have headaches, my lymph nodes swelled and I was very weak.

All this continued into January of 1998, when I finally decided to consult a doctor. The diagnosis was very clear; I had mononucleosis. The doctor recommended that I rest, sleep and not go back to school before the second week of March. Following this rest period, I returned to school. The first week went by wonderfully, but the second week was difficult. I was not getting better and the virus had revived. After this second diagnosis, I went to see a hematologist in Trois-Rivières and he identified my case as severe with a platelet count at 34,000. He talked to me about cortisone treatment, or removal of my spleen. After this verdict, my mother decided to transfer my case to St. Justine Hospital.

Following my first appointment in September, I was hospitalized and took a battery of tests. For two years I went to St. Justine every fifteen days. I kept going until one day when a doctor told me that I was “a lost cause”, that my state would never improve, and that they could do nothing for me.

It was May 2000, I was fifteen years old, and I had just been condemned. I continued having checkups by my family doctor, but only because there was nothing else to do.

Then, one day my anxious uncle wanted to see my state improve, and suggested I try Bio-Algae Concentrates as he had heard of its benefits. In 2001, he sent me some and I began to take it regularly. My state stabilized and improved rapidly, my immune system was reinforced and I rediscovered my energy.

Today, my health is better. Despite all I’ve been through, I have since completed high school. I did half of my first year of high school at home, all of my second year at home, my third year two days a week at school, my fourth year three days a week at school, and my fifth year four days a week at school. The BAC has succeeded in doing something that nothing else had been able to do for me.

Thank you! Always yours,

Valérie Hébert, Quebec, Canada