Cancer free and good health due in great part to daily F3

Dear Roland,

I’ve been one of your customers for a little over a year now and take the F3 formula as a cancer survivor (now 5 years cancer-free this month!) and had the pleasure to meet you and Dr. Kiriac last summer at your Denver conference.   I wanted to share some exciting news with you regarding my lab results and what I believe is a direct results of taking BAC daily now since April 2013.

I was admitted to the hospital this past weekend for an emergency appendectomy (!).  I’m just fine now and completely on the mend and doing great. What I wanted to share was that my symptoms were quite atypical in terms of some of the presenting signs, i.e., fever, and also as measured by  lab values, namely, white blood count.  All my bloods came back perfectly normal with no elevation of white blood count.  Additionally, I had no fever.  I had “felt off” intestinally for a few days leading up to the night that I went to the ER, with a decrease in regularity that I was chalking up to the last few days of being on vacation, although I had been regular for the first 6 out of the 10 days with no major changes in diet or routine, so that had left me wondering.  On the night that I took myself to the ER, I had had epigastric pain for about 6 hours that just wouldn’t go away, unrelieved by movement, a heating pad, charcoal tablets, and Pepto Bismol, and thought perhaps it might be related to my gallbladder.  I’d never had gallbladder issues in the past but given my age at 53, thought that might be a possibility.  The pain worsened in the early hours of the morning and by the time I made the short drive to the ER, the pain started to migrate to the classic area for appendicitis in the right lower quadrant, although was still diffuse enough that the docs ordered testing and ultrasound, the latter of which caught the problem and I was admitted and had a routine appendectomy with no complications.

What was remarkable to me is that those labs, all the bloods, were absolutely normal, and that, while obvious that an infection was brewing, it had been taking days to manifest.  I have to believe that it was the fact that I take 6 capsules of F3 throughout the day, each and every day, that kept my symptoms from increasing dramatically and probably kept them at a very low level for days with just minor symptoms.  While I’m glad they didn’t send me home when I didn’t have the usual fever or elevated white blood count, I really found it amazing that the labs were normal, and what is also wonderful about that news is that more than 6 months ago, I had stopped taking all supplements except for the F3, so the normal labs drawn was confirmation for me that the BAC is all my body truly requires to maintain optimal daily health.

I wanted to drop you a line to share that story and the good news with you.  I thought you would enjoy hearing about the tangible evidence via blood work and entirely normal lab values, in particular during an acute health crisis, from someone who’s been taking BSF/BAC daily for well over a year now.  You have a lifelong customer!

I’m now 5 years out from cancer AND haven’t had a cold since before April 2013, when I started taking F3, and I have to believe that my continued health is due in great part to my daily F3.

Many thanks!  Theresa K. D., November 2014, Boulder, CO