Dog goes from stumbling to running

I have a amazing cat, Pippin who recently didn’t want to get out of his snuggle bed in the am. Although he has never been sick, and about 15 years old, I assumed he just didn’t feel well and let him rest. By dinner time he tried to come out of his bed, which was up on a chair, and instead of jumping down he literally stumbled onto the floor. His head was twisted to the right and he proceeded to fall to the right with every few steps as if his legs we kicked out from beneath him. He would then look behind himself as if someone was pushing him and making him fall. He would fall trying to get in a bed on the floor, trying to jump on any furniture, looking up or turning in any direction.

I took him to the vet as he now was showing signs of torticollis and his eyes were not focusing correctly. Veterinarians thought it could be an inner ear infection or a stroke. They could not find any signs of inner ear infection and said the only way to determine if he had a stroke was to do an MRI. And even then there was no definitive treatment. They wanted to keep him that evening to administer steroids, antibiotics etc.

I decided to take him home and do what I do, Advanced Energy Therapy, BioPreparation every 3 hrs, with some homeopathics and flower remedies. I fed him his raw food diet and BioPreparation through a dropper as the food was falling out of his mouth.

As the days progressed I saw gradual changes. On day 2 he was eating a bit. Day 4 he lifted his paw to wash and didn’t fall over in his bed. Each day I would see small signs of his balance returning.

It has been 2 months and if you know Pippin you might notice a slight head tilt and minor balance issue but he is now RUNNING, chasing his treats, and his tail, is able to jump up on all the furniture and is one happy boy.

To Dr. Roland, Dr. Kiriac and BioPreparation, we are forever grateful.

Thanks for all you do.

Constantina & Pippin