Eczema: No more scratching!

My 4 year old son has had eczema since he was a baby. He always had stubborn patches of it on his legs and was constantly scratching them. When he was two, I started giving him small amounts of BAC (first the F2 formula and then the F3) mixed up with some applesauce. Over the course of a few weeks, I noticed that his eczema was completely gone. I thought it might be the BAC that was working, so I stopped giving it to him for a while and the eczema came right back. Then I went back to giving him the BAC and the eczema went away again.

Fast forward to a few months ago and my son had a large, deep stubborn patch of eczema on his leg. I had stopped buying the BAC because I thought it was too expensive and I still wasn’t convinced that it had been responsible for getting rid of the eczema. I thought maybe he just outgrew the condition. I was treating the eczema with steroid cream prescribed by his doctor, but the cream was having no effect at all. I took my son to the doctor and the doctor said that there was now irreversible scar tissue in the eczema and he prescribed a different steroid ointment. I filled the prescription, but didn’t use it. I thought I’d give the BAC one more try, so I ordered a small bottle of the F3 formula.

When it arrived, I started giving my son one capsule of F3 — opened up and mixed in with some applesauce — per day. After two days, there was a noticeable difference and after three days the eczema was gone! That patch of eczema had been on his leg for months, but after a week on the F3 I couldn’t even find where the eczema had been. There was no scar tissue whatsoever. And the rest of my son’s skin felt smooth and silky like a newborn baby’s.

No more scratching!

– Carol Coates, Boulder, Colorado – September 2008