Energy, digestion, focus

I have taken both F2 and F3 at 3 each per day for two months. My mental focus and concentration has greatly improved resulting in increased sales and revenue with my full time job, which is selling printing presses. I can handle stress much more positively and my sleep patterns are improved, I believe because of Bio-Algae Concentrates. I have more energy to perform both business and personal challenges. I consult to individuals concerning health related issues and problems and in this aspect of my life I find improved awareness of how to assimilate the entire scope of the situation. Because of my increased metabolism and more efficient use of foods with this product, I have noticed that I can fit back into my size 32 blue Jeans that I have used as a measuring stick for the last 30 years. I am very excited not only about my results but also the benefits that I have seen. Because of this product my wife is able to digest her food. This has been a major problem for my wife for 20 years but now she can assimilate her food without getting a stomach ache for the first time in 20 years. And all she has to do is take 4-6 algae capsules per day. Thanks and congratulations to Michael Kiriac and those involved with the bringing of this product to the people in need.

– Michael Lawson, Lexington, Kentucky – June 2004