Extremely high frequency product

Meanwhile, I’ve some things to report on the algae products I’m taking. I only manage to take one each of the F-2 and F-3 twice a day. However, within a week I noticed:

My energy level is maintained throughout the day instead of the usual 2pm slump I experienced in the afternoon.
My mood is much better and more positive; not overly so but just level. Things don’t get me down as much.
Because I’ve got so many other vitamins left, I tried to combine ingesting them along with the algae and promptly threw them up each time. My body just flat out rejected the other supplements after taking this algae.
I sleep soundly and wake up much earlier, feeling awake and refreshed.
I feel well-fed on this product. My body feels nourished.

There is an extremely high frequency to these products.

– Marjorie Bennett, Colorado Springs, Colorado – December 2007