No headache, no sinusitis aches, except this really happy SMILE

My order was received yesterday and very timely too, as I went down with high fever, sore throat and flu aches and some sinusitis that I must have picked up while gardening on Sunday. Having recently worked up to 4 capsules a day of F2, and feeling pretty grim, I popped the just received bottle of f3 and took just one capsule and went to bed.

This morning well, I am in amazement at the freedom from ALL symptoms. No headache, no sinusitis aches, nothing, except this really happy SMILE. My next e-mail will be cc’d to all my contacts saying “Get BACs, we all needed them yesterday!” And all this in just ONE WEEK.  I can now look forward to health and life again at 65! All is just so naturally falling into place physically. I love my fresh attitude, having almost given up on myself. Amazed delighted, resurrected!

In occult terminology, the Hypothalamus is known as the “Dweller at the threshold or guardian at the door” and plays a vital role in our consciousness, and when dysfunctional, lack of. Indeed as an aware observer for over sixty years, I can say this product can help make a paradigm shift, and Dr. Kiriac should be nominated for Nobel Prize for service to humanity. I feel certain you have that same superfood smile, and isn’t it wonderful that all can have better lives from this cellular nutrition. I really love my smile, it is such a gift for me after years of stress and physical overextension.

Thank you and bless you

– Shavante Derek Hasdell aka Sha, Japan – September 2011