Great adjunct to chiropractic

Personally, I have more endurance, I look and feel younger and my hair isn’t falling out anymore. I used to see a great deal of hair in the drain prior to taking BAC, but now there is none. At a recent gathering I was told by a woman I have not seen in 5 years that I look so much younger than when we last met. She asked what I was doing and I explained that I started taking BAC a year ago and she was so impressed that she is now a BAC user as well.

Clinically, BAC is a great adjunct to my chiropractic that I never had before. BAC supplies the necessary minerals and proteins to repair the ligaments and as a result, the adjustments hold better.

I also use BAC for women that are looking for hormone replacements as it balances the body’s chemistry and nourishes the nervous system. As a result, hormones become more balanced, hot flashes either diminish or are eliminated and moods become more balanced. The nervous system requires a high-quality protein as the nerves contain mostly protein. Biologically, vegetable protein is more effective than animal protein. The word protein – means first.

Every tissue and fluid in the body has protein in it except bile; we need protein to make enzymes. Protein is sloughed off in the skin and nails (those that have weak nails are low on protein). Vegetable protein of which BAC contains a lot is complete protein and maintains healthy tissue, feeds the red and white blood cells. Beans and rice are a complete protein. If you eat too much protein and you don’t digest it, it becomes toxic in the system and putrefies.

Acids break down protein. BAC helps the body rebuild the villi in the small intestine for better assimilation. It covers so many things: repairs the intestinal lining, helps the body make enzymes and is a completely regenerative source of food.

– Dr. William Johnson, DC (Male, 74) Illinois