Have never quite had any results for myself… until I found the BAC

I have found for myself that I am getting so much more done now than ever before… forget those help-yourself manuals! Just get yourself on the right track and watch out! My vision is improving very much and I just realized that my astigmatism is not so noticeable, wow.

I find the product is a very gentle de-toxer and that is good.

In my senior year of high school (1981) I did a science project on raising turkeys with and without spirulina…. The results were stunning. The birds on the spirulina ate half as much and grew twice as fast. They also were all very healthy and all in this group lived. The group without the spirulina added to their diets were sickly, cannabilistic and about half of that group died. I remember taking the spirulina also for myself in orange juice and I found that classes I normally ‘slept’ through I wanted to get up and lead them; I was so much more engaged!

Since that time I have bought other spirulina and have never quite had any results for myself that were close to the same until I found the BAC. I feel like I’ve finally come home and this is where my future lies.

Thank-you for giving life to the entire planet and all its beings. I love sharing this with others and look forward to seeing more and more excellent results… Life is good!


– Jacqueline Chapman, Bozeman, ID – July 2007