Heightened immunity – not sick since 2011!

When I first heard of BioSuperFood on Coast to Coast AM, I was sick with strep throat at the time and immediately downloaded “Awakening The Genius Within”.  After finishing the book, I ordered BioSuperFood F1 and F2 for the whole family.  While unsure what to do while on antibiotics, I emailed Dr. Thomas to ask if I should wait until the round of antibiotics were finished. On the contrary, he recommended the full dosage of F2, which (I think) helped immensely. After the strep was gone (seemingly in two days), I have never stopped taking F2 and have not gotten sick since.  This was in 2011, so I am very grateful for learning about BioSuperFood and all of the benefits it has. My family (including my kids) love BioSuperFood and all have heightened immunity because of it.  Thanks for everything!

Ryan H., Ohio, USA. 2014