HIV – CD4 count, higher than it had ever been

Back in 2004, I became seriously ill. It started with flu like symptoms, fever, nausea, night sweats, and severe headaches. After a week of these symptoms, I wasn’t able to eat solid food, I wasn’t able to leave my apartment, or barely get out of bed.

I discovered about three weeks later that my body was actually trying to fight the H.I.V. virus and that I had become H.I.V. positive. I went through an initial period of depression and anxiety. After about six months of feeling like my life was over, I decided to change my attitude and my outlook. I began doing online research into different ways I could help my body fight the virus and maintain overall health to the best of my ability and means. The simple, and often inexpensive changes I began to make were things like drinking lots of clean water, getting outside to get sunshine and fresh air, sleeping well, clearing out my emotional baggage and bad attitudes, exercise, making healthy human connections, and becoming consciously aware of everything I was putting into my body. I began buying organic foods and products when I could afford to and bought myself a juicer and began juicing lots of fruits and vegetables.

Fast forward to 2007. I then began to narrow down my search for one or two supplements I could add to my life to optimize my health, help my body fight the virus, and something that would not interact negatively with my antiretroviral medications which I occasionally went on as directed by my doctor. After a lot of trial and error, a friend of mine suggested microalgae as a great way to help my body on many different levels. I discovered that there were many options and products, but of course being the person that I am, I wanted the most effective, strongest, the purest product I could find. This led me to a discussion with one of the staff at SimplyRaw Express who explained some of the science and history behind the F3 product. I did a bit of online research and the person I talked to also gave me a DVD to watch that explained what the product was all about. I decided that this was the product that would really help my body, and I was right. Within the first three weeks of taking F3, there were already noticeable changes taking place. Up to that time, I had very puffy eyes with dark circles underneath my eyes. The puffiness and the dark circles cleared up and people started telling me that my eyes looked so blue that they thought I was wearing colored contact lenses. I believe a lot of the puffiness and dark circles around my eyes were symptoms of toxicity build up in my system from taking H.I.V. meds over the years.  The medication can really help suppress the H.I.V. virus, but often put a huge strain on other major organs due to toxicity. After about a month of taking F3 I also noticed that my overall energy level was much higher. I didn’t feel the need to take afternoon naps. I didn’t feel lethargic while going through my day. I also noticed that there were positive mood and brain function changes while on F3. I felt my stress level go down, and an overall feeling of optimism starting to establish in my outlook on life. I often had a general brain-fog hanging over me while on H.I.V. meds. This brain fog cleared up altogether while I was on F3. I was able to think clearly, multitask, and concentrate with much more ease. One very real confirmation came when I went for my blood work results after taking f3 for a couple of months. My doctor told me that my immune system, they call it my CD4 count, was higher than it had ever been, and that my liver was extremely healthy as well.

From 2007 until now, I have purchased F3 pills whenever I could, knowing that I was investing in my health. I’ve recommended the product to many people and encouraged them to do their own research into the product.  I believe that the planet we live on has many wonderful and powerful ways of helping us, helping our bodies, to live in optimal health. I really feel that the BAC products are a part of that vital connection between humans and our home planet. I don’t think I stumbled onto this product accidentally. I would place that discovery under “seek and ye shall find”. I was seeking for a powerful way to improve my health and I found it.

– Jeffrey C.