HIV: Viral load down to 10,000 from 139,000

I am HIV positive. I just got my latest lab work back and it’s great! My viral load is stable at about 10,000 (the nurse practitioner said she was very surprised at just how stable it is), and my T-cells are up! To over 400. That’s the highest they’ve been in over a year. If you will recall, exactly one year ago my viral load was at 139,000 and the T-cells barely over 250, prompting the docs to want to start me on meds. But then I started the BAC.

I am especially impressed with the numbers because since October, when I returned from Brazil, I’ve been dealing with some very difficult emotions like grief, sadness, and some depression. There has been a lot of stress as I’ve tried to find a job (still looking). Also, I haven’t been very strict nutritionally as that has been difficult as well. Given these factors, I’m so thrilled that my numbers are so good. It gives me new energy and motivation to eat right, and continue trying to make good lifestyle choices. But I think if it weren’t for the BAC, the picture would look very different right now. Thank you!

– D.R., Colorado – February 2005

UPDATE – February 2006

I just received my result from my MD. He says “Dan, numbers look good. Get the test done again in 3 months.”

UPDATE – May 2006

My latest results show a drop in viral load to just over 5,000. My CD4s are stable at about 414. Interestingly, my numbers continue to look good despite huge amounts of stress at my work. Additionally, my relationship broke up 3 months ago which has also been very difficult emotionally and psychologically. But I continue to take the BAC and the numbers are either stable or have actually improved.