I feel really REALLY good!

Dear Roland, I feel really REALLY good! It is much more than I could have hoped for. I will see about getting you my blood values. All have improved. My urine has less protein, my need for insulin has diminished. Mostly I feel wonderful. I could not have said that when I started taking BAC. Immediately I knew this was something special. Everyone I talk to says that I sound so much better. “What has happened to you?”, I hear a lot. Everyone who knows me knows that I have gone through a tremendous change. I only hope to be able to soon stop all the medications I have been taking. You know, I used to spend much more on vitamins and minerals and supplements of all sorts. I feel that the need for those things is gone. I feel much better than I ever did on all that mess of vitamins and other stuff. No doubt about it. Thanks again for a mighty turn on. I have only gotten up to eight capsules a day. On my third bottle.

I give my cat, B.B., only one a day now. You said to give him three, and I will work up to that too. He waits for me to add the BAC to his food. It is very special.

– Franklin & B.B – April 2007