I felt and was able to live like I was in my 40’s.

It must have been 13 years ago, I was working as a house keeping supervisor at a hotel at a very busy ski resort when I began to noticed that I was having more and more difficulty keeping up, especially when we went to the outside units in the snow.

At home one evening, I stood in front of the mirror and reflected on how my body really felt. It felt worn out and tired from the day, every day. I was just pushing it through. It felt like I was getting older, and slower, but I wanted to spend my later years feeling great and enjoying life.

I talked to my wife Irene about how I felt in this situation, and low and behold she had found the BIOAGE web sight and was very impressed with how the BIOSUPERFOOD products came about and what they could do. We decided we would call and verify some things and then we would give the formula F3 a try.

We started at 2 capsules per day and worked our way up to 10 a day for a month. Part way through we began to notice an improvement in how my body felt. It did not stop there.

It kept improving daily and in a very short time, I felt and was able to live like I was in my 40’s. I could do my job and had energy to spare at the end of the day. I could go for a 5 km walk and keep going if I wanted to. I felt Great.

I have often said that if I could only take one thing for my health, it would be BIOSUPERFOOD algae.

So thanks to all the folks at BIOAGE for keeping it available, and constantly working to improve the products. We sure appreciate it.