Immunity – Fighting off a virus that quickly is unheard of for me

I wanted to share with you that I believe my immune system is responding very nicely to the Bio-ALgae F3 formula (history of breast cancer) since beginning to take it back in April of this year.  In fact, my partner has just been sick for the past week, complete with fever and chest and head congestion, as well as a few other people we know.  I typically will catch EVERYTHING that everyone else has, especially if we’re under the same roof! This time around, though, I felt only the very slightest signs from my body that I was fighting something off, a bit of increased mucous-y drip in the back of my throat occasionally, not excessive, just sort of “there” and making itself known.  I took a couple extra BAC capsules that day, a bit more water, took it easier exercising, went to bed early, and by the next morning, VOILA! I felt fine with no further problems whatsoever! It never developed into anything more than what I just described!  Fighting off a virus that quickly and painlessly is practically unheard of for me! I have to think that taking the F3 faithfully now at 6 capsules per day for the past 6 months does have something to do with it.

– Theresa, Longmont, CO