Lung tumors: All gone!

A year ago, Win R., a friend of mine in Austin, TX was diagnosed with a large tumor on his kidney and… tumors in his lungs. They removed his kidney and 3 months ago, after the results of a biopsy for the tumors in the lung (cancerous and malignant) they wanted to remove tumors in the lung and proceed with chemotherapies and radiations.

I sent him the book about Dr. Kiriac you wrote and all the info. He decided to postpone the treatments with his doctors and to try the Bio-Algae Concentrates.

Well last Tuesday, I receive a call from him. His doctor had just called him to give him the results of an MRI test he had done a week earlier. She was on her way to Hawaii for vacations and was so happy to let him know the tumors were all gone!

On behalf of my friend Win, thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Janis K., Washington – May 2005