Mental stamina boost from BAC

I started taking BAC after hearing about it on the Jeff Rense show. At first I didn’t notice any change. Then, after a few weeks,  it occurred to me that I didn’t have the usual energy dip at around 4 pm. I could now work consistently throughout the day. Also situations that might have got me somewhat annoyed didn’t seem to bother me as much, my response was more measured.

Digestion was also an area that has seen a big improvement. I had a bout of stress several years ago and my stomach has never been right since. Let’s just say that things are like they used to be when I was a much younger man and I’m very grateful.

Recently I’ve had to retrain and put myself through an intensive course of study. I’m in my 50’s and I know that I could not have undertaken such a task without the mental stamina boost provided by BAC.

Thank you!

GG, England  2014