Mercury and other heavy metal poisoning

I came down with mercury and other heavy metal poisoning in 2005,had to leave my job, almost died, but was fortunate enough to qualify for social security disability. An acupuncturist was able to bring me back to life after losing the ability to walk, talk, move my body, eat, drink, and basically live.   Bio-algae concentrates was introduced during this time from internet searches for help.   I found the supplements to be of excellent help with all problems, even though I was not able to take the supplements as prescribed. I broke the capsules open and dusted my meals with the contents. I wish I could keep up with the supplements, but unfortunately they are just too costly for my income.   Anyway, I am still here and functioning reasonably for my afflictions eight years later, and I thank the early use of these supplements for this.Dennis P., WI, USA 2014