My Chronic Fatigue is gone!

I started taking this BIOSUPERFOOD F3 product at the end of summer and did not notice any results from one and two capsules a day. In September & October, I started gradually increasing the dose until I came to 12 caps a day, 40-60 min apart: this is the recommendation, so each cap completely dissolves before you take another cap. Do not take two or more caps at once, they work and help when taking them apart one by one. Increase your dose very gradually (add one cap every other day, for example) or your body can get shocked and react – this product is that efficient. I absolutely did not anticipate the results I got: for the first time in years my energy levels increased so drastically that this influenced my mood, which became more positive and optimistic. I started looking forward to every day instead of dreading every day thinking of how I am going to fight my chronic fatigue. Then my joints suddenly started feeling better, and my morning headaches disappeared. I really cannot praise enough this product. I wish I learned about it several years ago when my fatigue started building as a snowball. After only 2.5 bottles of BIOSUPERFOOD F3, I feel 20 years younger due to an amazing increase in energy and, consequently, my mood, and my body feeling again alive and getting better every day. I am in my early 50s and I take multiple supplements for over 20 years, but I understand now how even their great quality may not do much for me. This is definitely a superior supplement, one of a kind that truly works wonders. I would highly recommend it. The only drawback is its steep price.  But I started eliminating my other supplements in order to be able to afford this one. I researched the content of BIOSUPERFOOD F3, requested more information on it, and found out that it has thousands of elements many of which I take within my other supplements so eliminating these other supplements should not be a big deal for my body. At least, I hope so. Also, I would recommend watching a short video about the original 13-15 years research and trials, before this became a supplement here, in the Western world, after the scientist behind developing this algae combination, moved to Canada. The supplement helped to save many lives after the Chernobyl explosion, it helped to eliminate many fatal diseases in animals on the farms in the former Soviet Union. Yes, the original research and development were done by a Soviet scientist who lives now in Canada. The story behind this supplement is fascinating! Read and watch – and you will be amazed. Just a disclosure: I do not work for the company, and they did not ask me to write a review. This is my sole initiation because I am incredibly impressed with the results after taking this supplement for just a couple of weeks in the higher doses. I take now 12 caps a day. I put the caps in a plastic bag and carry it with me throughout the day so I remember to take a cap every 40-60 min. Took a picture for you to see, just seven more left for today

– Gala K.