No longer pre-diabetic!

I started taking BAC F2 and F3 almost exactly one year ago.

I informed myself about the products by reading the Bio-Algae Concentrates website after my vet recommended BAC F2 for my aging cats. I then decided to try BAC myself.

For the past 15 years I’ve been told I’m pre-diabetic. Because of that, I’ve tried to change my diet and take supplements according to recommendations by various naturopaths and healers. But, despite everything, I remained pre-diabetic. I also take synthyroid and liothyronine supplements, as prescribed by my physician.

Now, one year later, I see great improvement in my health; my lab tests in September, 2006, indicate that I’m no longer pre-diabetic, and my thyroid dose was cut in half last May. I also have very little plaque on my teeth after decades of deposits that required cleaning every 4 months. My dentist is surprised because teeth and gums usually deteriorate more at my age (63) as opposed to becoming healthier.

After a year of taking 4-6 F2 and 8-12 F3 daily and getting these results, I feel comfortable recommending BAC to others.


– Ingrid Eisenman, Seattle, WA – October 2006