No pain & none of the diseases others my age have

2005, woke up, Couldn’t move .Went to the Dr, they did nothing…..6 weeks of pain, went to ER, then to surgery.. My gall bladder was bad, when they took it out, they found a quarter size hole in my stomach…they made me a new stomach and did by- pass surgery. I woke up to not having a stomach like before and not knowing what to do….it was quite a shockI was told I had 10 days to 2 weeks to live before surgery.

Learning what to eat and when was hard…my stomach didn’t react like before, some foods I just couldn’t eat…I lost so much weight…I ate.simple foods…first Keifer, yogurt, etc. I still had pain and no energy. That’s when I was  told me about your product, I ordered some that day…right away after taking them I felt them working in my stomach and healing….so I ordered more, I’ve never turned back I take less now, due to retirement

Have energy, no pain and non of the diseases others my age have…Thank you bio-algae concentrates!

Don Carlson, IL, USA 2014