Nothing short of a life-line for mother

After using the BAC F3 for several months I found my cravings for tea/coffee/ alcohol/chocolate, etc had dramatically decreased. It was like my body just no longer wanted these things.

The biggest change from using the BAC F3 has been with my mother. After a life of persistent illness and constant sickness, she would be in hospital about 5 times a year.  Due to numerous health problems, a normal diet would be difficult, to the point of not eating at all. As a consequence, she would constantly become weak and this would in-turn increase the chances of illness. The F3 capsules have been nothing short of a life line for her. In many ways she survives solely on the capsules. From taking one F3 capsule hourly, her energy levels would quickly return after any period of illness. Most of all she has not been in hospital for about two years, which is exactly how long she has been taking the BAC.

MG, Australia, 2014