Off armourthyroid – completely medicine free

I wanted to share my story beyond my family and friends, so more people would know about how amazing the bio-super-food is!

After a relative of mine had unbelievable results with his serious blood disorder, I had to contact bioage and find out more about the f3. I was glad to learn that it could help me with my hypothyroid, digestive issues, hormones etc… and also be used as a “multi vitamin” for my husband and kids. Within one week my digestive issues were gone, which made me even more confident that I could actually get off my thyroid medication (I was taking armourthyroid, one grain daily). I gradually decreased the armourthyroid until I was completely medicine free, and have been for over a year now!

I am forever grateful for restoring my health and for completely eliminating our family’s need for a pantry full of different vitamin bottles. I am now feeling better than ever, and my recent blood/urine tests confirmed it again with their perfect results. My husband and kids are also enjoying optimal health these days. My son’s acid reflux is gone and all our immune systems seem to have benefited tremendeously: we never get sick anymore!

Thank you again so so so much, for there is no greater asset than good health.

– Hannah ,40 years old, FL, USA